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Our Windows Do A Better Job Of ‘Sealing’ Your Home Than Any Other Brand

Milwaukee Replacement Windows, Doors, Siding, & More

People always ask, “Why is your company called HomeSealed?” It’s because our windows do a better job of SEALING your home than any other brand. That isn’t just another unprovable marketing claim you hear in home improvement advertising. It’s a lab-tested fact.

Here’s what we mean: all replacement windows are rated for air leakage using a CFM rating. CFM stands for cubic feet of air per minute, but that’s just the scientific way of expressing how much air infiltration any given window allows. The worst rating a window can have and still be sold is .3 CFM. The average window sold in the Milwaukee area by our competitors is rated at .2 CFM. Our Okna windows come in at a .01. Not .1, but .01. A window cannot have a lower CFM. What this means is when you hire us for replacement windows, you’re getting windows made with so much quality and precision that no other window on the planet is more airtight.

So why are we called HomeSealed? Because our windows seal up your home and keep drafts out better than any other brand of windows.

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