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Sliding Windows for Homeowners in Milwaukee, WI

Whether you’re building a new home in the Milwaukee area, or you’re ready to upgrade the windows in your existing residence, sliding windows could make your house more efficient, beautiful, and functional. Choose HomeSealed Exteriors as your window installer in Milwaukee to maximize the benefits of your upgrade!

We can serve as your qualified home improvement partner to help you make the right selection and perform a professional installation on your behalf. With over a decade of experience serving Waukesha County residents, you can trust us to deliver quality window products and unmatched customer service!

What Are Sliding Windows?

Also known as sliders, sliding windows are a popular choice among Wisconsin homeowners. They glide open horizontally with minimal effort. In fact, you can operate most new models using just one hand.

The most common configuration for sliding windows is one fixed pane next to an operable pane. Three-sash varieties are also available, with a fixed window in the middle flanked by two sliding sashes. Sliders tend to have a large profile to provide a generous view of the exterior.

Benefits of Sliding Windows for Wisconsin Homes

All window styles have something unique to offer. If you choose sliding windows for your Wisconsin home, here’s what you’ll enjoy:

  • Easy operation: You’ll love opening your sliding windows when the weather is beautiful outside! Even with oversized panes, sliding windows are easy to operate thanks to advanced rollers that glide along the track.
  • Great ventilation: Larger windows mean more fresh air can enter your home when you open them. Creating a cross-breeze is effortless when you open multiple sliding windows at once.
  • Energy efficiency: New sliders come with advanced features to increase their performance, including multiple window panes, special glass coatings, efficient frame materials, and more. Sliding windows also lack the complex moving parts of other window styles, allowing them to close tightly and block air leaks year after year. In fact, the windows we install are 2,000% more airtight than similar models!
  • Excellent views: With a horizontal orientation, sliding windows let you soak up the views more than many other window styles. This makes them great for kitchens, living rooms, and offices where you really want to enjoy the natural light and expansive vistas.
  • Super simple maintenance: As long as your sliders are installed correctly, you can expect them to last for years to come with minimal maintenance required. Simply keep the track free of dirt and clean the window panes to remove grime. When opened all the way, the operable pane lifts out of the track, making cleaning a breeze.
  • Boosted home value and curb appeal: New windows make your home more beautiful, both inside and out. Plus, sliders blend seamlessly with many different architectural styles, making them appropriate for traditional and modern homes alike.

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If you like the benefits that sliding windows have to offer, the next step is to choose a window installer in the New Berlin area to complete your project. HomeSealed Exteriors is dedicated to meeting your needs. Some companies employ high-pressure sales tactics to push inferior products on their customers, but we take a no-pressure approach to educate you on our high-quality windows. Then, we back everything we do with triple lifetime warranties and family values you can trust.