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French Patio Doors for Homeowners in Milwaukee, WI

If you enjoy spending time in your garden, you need a patio door that helps connect the outside living space to the rest of your house. A French door could be just what you’re looking for! This patio door style swings outward on hinges with glass extending from top to bottom. When installed as a pair, French doors create a double-wide opening to the backyard.

French Door Installation in Milwaukee

You might be building a new home in Waukesha County. Or perhaps you’re considering upgrading your existing patio door. Either way, the expert door installers at HomeSealed Exteriors can help the process go smoothly. We carry top-quality products from several of today’s most popular brands, including Okna, Marvin, and Pella. Select from standard or custom dimensions to create just the right look for your Milwaukee home.

With the right product selected, you then need an experienced team to perform the installation. Our certified technicians can get the job done right to exceed your expectations. Not only do we ensure the maximum performance from your French door for years to come, but we also provide friendly, courteous services while in your home. Our commitment to customer service is second to none in the Milwaukee area!

Benefits of French Doors

You have many types of patio doors to choose from. Consider the qualities that make French doors the right option for many Milwaukee homeowners:

  • Ease of access: If you tend to host large parties or need an oversized doorway to transport chairs and tables outside, double-wide French doors are the perfect solution. Everyone will be drawn to the grand backyard entrance when you throw the double doors wide open!
  • Versatility: While having double doors is useful at times, you may want the option of setting up an extra table on the deck when you have a large group over. It’s easy to lock one French door in place while keeping the other side operable for maximum versatility.
  • Elegant designs: Sliding doors may be right for many people, but there’s something uniquely elegant about French doors with traditional styling. You can embellish the appearance of your patio entrance with classy trim, dramatic hardware, and raised paneling not available with sliding doors. Grilles and specialty glass further enhance the appearance of French patio doors.
  • Natural light: If you currently have a single hinged patio door, widening the opening with a pair of French doors allows more natural light to stream into your home. This brightens up the interior and makes it feel more spacious.
  • Great views: When you have unobstructed views of the exterior, you can enjoy the flowers in your garden and any scenery beyond your property to the fullest extent. It’s also beneficial for keeping an eye on your kids while they play in the yard.

Call Our Window and Door Contractor for French Door Replacement in Milwaukee

When we say we deliver exceptional service and top-notch results, we mean it. Over the years, we have narrowed down our product offering to provide only the best French doors available anywhere. We have also perfected our educational sales approach to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Rest assured that the products we install come with triple-coverage lifetime warranties, so there’s no question that you have the coverage you need!