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Durable Fiberglass Doors for Homeowners in Milwaukee, WI

Fiberglass is a relative newcomer to the replacement door marketplace, beginning its rise in popularity during the 1990s. The exceptional strength and energy efficiency of fiberglass makes it the ideal choice for Milwaukee homeowners who are looking to invest in new doors that will save them on their energy bills for decades to come.

High-End Fiberglass Door Replacement in Milwaukee

When the time comes to replace your entry door or install a new patio door, selecting the right material is just as important as picking out a design and operating style. HomeSealed Exteriors can help you make the proper selection from several of today’s top brands, including Okna, Marvin, and Pella.

In addition to enjoying a precisely manufactured product in your home, you also benefit from a no-pressure sales experience and a professional door installation. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing exceptional services from start to finish, which ensures a stress-free process and years of satisfaction from your high-quality door.

Benefits of Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass offers many unique advantages over other door materials. Here’s how this addition can benefit your Milwaukee home:

  • Stylish: Fiberglass doors are highly customizable, making them appropriate for both traditional and modern homes. Choose from several premium interior and exterior finishes to create just the right look for your home, both inside and out. The solid construction of fiberglass means you can expect a smooth, clean surface free of imperfections. Expect compliments from guests to come pouring in when they set eyes on your gorgeous new fiberglass door.
  • Energy-efficient: Up to 30% of your home’s heating and cooling bills comes from energy lost through leaky windows and doors. Fiberglass, which is touted for its high efficiency, slows heat transfer through the door to provide a superior thermal barrier compared to other door materials. Fiberglass also expands and contracts less than aluminum or vinyl, reducing air leaks for even better performance.
  • Durable: Fiberglass is an excellent choice for homes in Milwaukee’s cold climate. Unlike wood, this material doesn’t warp or rot when exposed to moisture. It also won’t fade, crack, or discolor in the sun. Its excellent strength also helps prevent sagging over the years. These durable characteristics help fiberglass doors to last 40 years or longer.
  • Eco-friendly: Installing energy-efficient doors helps the environment by reducing emissions associated with heating and cooling, but fiberglass is eco-friendly in other ways as well. Consider that the production process requires few raw materials and generates relatively little pollution. Plus, since fiberglass doors last so long, replacements are infrequent. And when the day comes to replace them, fiberglass doors are fully recyclable. These characteristics make fiberglass one of the most environmentally friendly door materials available.
  • Low maintenance: It’s possible to enjoy all of the benefits of fiberglass doors with virtually no maintenance required. Simply wipe down the door to remove dust and clean the glass as needed. Unlike wood doors, no sanding, painting, or refinishing is ever required.

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At HomeSealed Exteriors, our goal is to help you find the best door to meet your needs and budget. Clearly, fiberglass is an optimal material for achieving a functional, efficient, and visually pleasing entry or patio door. Then, our installation services ensure you enjoy the full beauty and energy-saving potential of your new fiberglass door.