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Bay and Bow Windows

Looking for a way to expand your home’s interior without getting rid of any walls? Or create a striking focal point for your home? A new bow or bay window can do just that and a lot more. Milwaukee has countless opportunities to take in the great views of Lake Michigan, so why not make your home the best viewing place of all? At HomeSealed Exteriors, we are a team of experts in bay and bow window installation and maintenance. Both types of windows are incredibly energy-efficient, elegant, and eye-catching. If you’re looking for bay and bow windows in Kenosha, New Berlin, Racine, or Waukesha, get in touch with HomeSealed Exteriors today!

Bay Windows in Milwaukee, Waukesha & Racine

Bay windows are perfect when you want to make a room feel larger or provide an outside view to a landscape that wouldn’t be viewable from a normal, flat window. Bay windows have three openings, typically with a “picture window” in the center and two smaller windows on the side. Bay windows are typically found on modern homes and they protrude far out into the exterior space of a house. Here are a few advantages of having a bay window:

  • Additional Home Value: Bay windows exponentially increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, which in turn increases your home’s value!
  • Lots of Natural Light: If you love a living room flooded with light, bay windows are perfect for you.
  • Good Ventilation: With a bay window, you’re not just getting one window; you’re getting three. That’s three times the ventilation!
  • Versatility: Bay windows look great in a variety of home styles, such as modern, Victorian, and more. They also allow for a great seating area to be placed alongside the windows, perfect for a small reading nook or bench dining seat.

Bow Windows in Milwaukee, Waukesha & Racine

Bow windows are similar to bay windows, except for the entire window is curved. These also project outside the exterior of a building and are made up of four or five separate windows joined together to form an arch. More windows equal more glass, so bow windows usually allow for more light to flood into your home than traditional windows.

  • Corner Curving: This unique feature can allow for your home’s corners to look rounded, almost like a castle!
  • Unique: Not many homes have bow windows, which can increase the curb appeal and value of your home.
  • More Narrow Profile: If your home is on the edge of your property line, having a window with a narrow profile could be advantageous to not invade others’ privacy.

Premier Window Experts in Milwaukee, Waukesha & Racine

If you’re looking for bay or bow windows throughout Kenosha, New Berlin, Racine, or Waukesha, look no further than HomeSealed Exteriors. We are dedicated to providing a friendly, educational window shopping experience. Our windows are lab-tested to be 2,000% more airtight than a typical competitor window. We are family-owned and -operated and here to help you every step of the window purchasing process, including financing.