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Garden Windows for Homeowners in Milwaukee, WI

If you’re looking for a unique window style to go above the kitchen sink, it’s hard to outmatch a gorgeous garden window. This style is beautiful, useful, and visually distinctive from both inside and outside your home.

Let the experts at HomeSealed Exteriors install garden windows in your Milwaukee-area home! We are a leading window installation company in Waukesha County with over a decade of experience providing the best products and customer service available anywhere. We always put our customers’ needs first, offering custom window solutions to meet any need.

Features of Garden Windows

The defining characteristic of garden windows is the extra-deep sill that makes the glass extend out from the wall. This provides a ledge where you can set small houseplants and potted herbs, creating a miniature greenhouse in your kitchen. The space is fully encased in glass to allow the maximum amount of sunlight to shine on your little garden.

Most garden windows feature operable sashes on the left and right side, similar to bay windows. This allows you to ventilate the kitchen while you’re cooking a tasty meal for your family using the herbs grown on the sill of your garden window.

Benefits of Installing Garden Windows in Wisconsin

With other more traditional window styles to choose from, you might wonder if a garden window is truly the best option for your needs. Consider the benefits of installing this unique window style in your Wisconsin home:

  • Beautiful style: Because of their distinctive appearance, garden windows are immediately recognizable. Their deep sills and glass sides provide an eye-catching design you can enjoy from every angle.
  • Impressive functionality: You’ll get more out of your garden window than you can from any other style. Use it to grow herbs or showcase stunning floral accents. The optional shelf available with some models gives you plenty of room to grow whatever you want. Then, open the sashes on the sides to mix the beauty of your plants with fresh outdoor air.
  • Excellent durability: You might be worried about all that exposed glass protruding from your home, but garden windows are built with exceptionally tough, impact-resistant glass that can handle more wear and tear than average windows.
  • Tons of natural light: Garden windows really let the sunshine in! Not only do your plants appreciate all that light, but everyone hanging out in the kitchen will as well.
  • Impressive energy efficiency: The sturdy, durable design of garden windows makes them a highly efficient addition to your home. Plus, when you choose HomeSealed Exteriors for your installation, you gain access to windows that are lab-tested to be 2,000% more airtight than the competition.

Garden Window Replacement and Installation in Milwaukee

Whether you’re hoping to install a garden window for the first time, or you need to replace your existing one, HomeSealed Exteriors is the right company for the job. Unlike other window installers in the New Berlin area, we will never pressure you into making a purchase. Instead, we provide an educational, no-pressure experience to help you feel confident with your selection. Whether you choose a garden window or something different, rest assured that your purchase comes with affordable financing options and is backed by triple lifetime warranties for your peace of mind.