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Awning Windows for Homeowners in Milwaukee, WI

Are you in search of a unique window style that will add beauty, natural lighting, and ventilation to your home? Awning windows could fit the bill. They may be less common as general-purpose windows, but they’re one of the only styles you can open in the rain!

HomeSealed Exteriors has been a window installer in Milwaukee since 2007. We are a family-owned company that takes an educational sales approach to make the process enjoyable for our customers. Let us show you the many window styles available, including awning windows, to ensure you end up with replacement windows that fit your needs.

What Are Awning Windows?

Awning windows are like casement windows turned on their side. The hinges are located at the top of the frame, and the window pivots outward with a crank on the bottom. Locks on the sides secure the window when closed. They are usually relatively small and oriented horizontally.

Awning windows open up to a 45-degree angle and are often installed next to or below a picture window. They are also suitable for high on the wall in bathrooms and walk-in closets where natural light and ventilation are desired, but privacy is also important.

Advantages of Installing Awning Windows in Milwaukee

If you choose awning windows for your Waukesha County home, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Ventilation in rain or shine: With the hinge located at the top, rain rolls off an open awning window without dripping inside. You’ll love this benefit if you enjoy the relaxing sound and fresh scent of rain, but you don’t want anything in your home to get wet.
  • Ease of operation: The crank operation makes awning windows effortless to open, even if they’re installed behind the couch or above the bathtub.
  • Natural light and fresh air in unconventional spaces: You might not put a full-size sliding window in your walk-in closet or master bathroom, but a small awning window introduces natural light and lets you enjoy a cool breeze in a space that might otherwise be windowless.
  • Suitable for many home styles: Awning windows are a beautiful addition to traditional homes as well as those with modern architecture. This makes them a popular choice among homeowners with a wide range of design tastes.
  • Energy-efficient performance: Replacement awning windows have advanced features designed to make your home more energy-efficient. Triple-pane glass, low-E coatings, insulating frame materials, and more lend themselves to excellent performance in all weather conditions. In fact, the windows from HomeSealed Exteriors are lab-tested to be 2,000% more airtight than typical competing brands!

Schedule Awning Window Installation or Replacement in Milwaukee

Selecting a window style is just the first step of the window replacement process. You also need a reliable installer to get the job done. HomeSealed Exteriors is here to exceed your expectations! Everything we do puts the customer first. From affordable, high-performance windows to triple lifetime warranties and trusted family values, we check every box. Turn to us with any questions you have about awning windows or other window styles. We’ll educate you on all your options and point you in the right direction.