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Storm Doors in Milwaukee

Are you looking for a way to improve home security and protect your front door from the elements without detracting from the appearance of your entryway? Storm door installation from HomeSealed Exteriors could be the answer! Storm doors are installed on the outside of front entry doors, providing an extra layer of protection and security.

High-Quality Storm Door Replacement in Milwaukee

Storm doors come in many varieties and designs with different aesthetics and levels of security. For long-term reliability and performance, we recommend installing storm doors made of extruded aluminum or welded steel. Then, the panels should be made from tempered glass for safety reasons.

Storm Door Brands

When you choose HomeSealed Exteriors to help with your storm door replacement project, you gain access to some of today’s top storm door brands, including Home Guard, ProVia, and Larson. As with all of our replacement door options, you can expect a precisely manufactured product and professional installation from our experienced team.

It can be difficult to find storm door brands that offer an elegant combination of energy efficiency, durability, performance, and security. That’s why many homeowners call to contact us for a remodeling consultation before purchasing doors. We work with you to determine your needs so you can create the perfect design for your home.

Our Tips and Advice
When it comes to guarding your home, make sure you have the best protection available. HomeSealed offers both storm doors and window replacements with various levels of insulation for safety against freezes, wind chills, theft, and break-ins. We are committed to delivering top-quality products that will not only keep you safe but are also environmentally friendly. Our products are guaranteed to last for many years.

Benefits of Storm Doors

If you’re thinking about installing a storm door, consider the many ways you’ll benefit:

  • Improved door insulation: As long as your storm door is installed correctly, it should create a tight seal over your front door. Then, the air trapped between the two acts as an added layer of insulation, improving the energy efficiency of your home and lowering your heating and cooling costs in the process.
  • Protection for your front door: The pounding rain and relentless sun can damage the finish of your front door over the years. A layer of glass and metal protects the door and improves its durability.
  • Enhanced safety and security: Storm doors serve as an extra layer of protection against intrusion, especially when outfitted with impact-resistant glass and non-removable pin hinges. Because break-ins rely on speed to avoid getting caught, the second locked door deters many would-be burglars.
  • Ventilation options: Many storm doors have a sliding glass panel that opens for ventilation when desired. This allows you to coax a cooling breeze into your home without sacrificing security. Plus, the built-in screens found in many storm doors keep insects at bay even as you enjoy the beautiful weather.
  • Better curb appeal: Storm doors are available in a variety of colors to enhance or blend in with your front door and frame. The glass panels may have patinas or grille patterns that give them a decorative look. Steel mounted to the glass creates an aesthetically pleasing look while further increasing the security measures of your storm door.
  • Increased home value: Many potential homebuyers recognize the benefits of storm doors. By installing one in your home, you help it stand out from the crowd. You may even be able to increase your asking price based on the amount you invest in a new storm door.

Contact a Window and Door Contractor in Milwaukee for Storm Door Installation

Our goal at HomeSealed Exteriors is to help you find the best storm door for your needs and budget. We work with homeowners, architects, and designers to create functional, aesthetically pleasing home additions. Then, we perform an expert installation to ensure you enjoy the full beauty, potential, and value that a storm door can add to your home.

We’re ready to put our knowledge and expertise of storm doors to use for you—simply schedule your free consultation to learn more and request an estimate for storm door installation in New Berlin, WI.