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We Hear it All the Time: ‘You Make This Stress-Free’

A Message From Brandon Erdmann, Owner & President:

Do you hate when a salesperson uses high-pressure tactics to try to get you to buy something? I know if I’m shopping for a car, an appliance, or anything else, I hate the feeling of someone trying to back me into a corner.

If I don’t like it, I’m certainly not going to do it to my customers. Whether you meet with me or a member of my team, the rules are always the same. We won’t do any of the following:

  • No ‘buy today or the price goes up’ schemes.
  • No ‘bait-and-switch’ pricing games.
  • No ‘we’re going to stay here and wear you down until you say yes’ tactics.
  • No fluff or hype about our products. (One of our Google reviews says it best: “The price was fair, and there was no BS sales talk.”).

You May Have Even Seen One Of Our Commercials On TV

There’s Another Reason HomeSealed Doesn’t Use High-Pressure Tactics

It’s not just that I don’t like high-pressure sales approaches. The other reason we don’t use them is that we don’t need to. I have found that the homeowners that are the right fit for HomeSealed are attracted by our calm, educational approach.

It also helps that we sell and install the best products. We like to educate you on the quality of our products and then let you make the decision.

 If we sound like your kind of company, give us a call for a free consultation and quote. I promise you’ll never feel pressured.

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