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Our Customers LOVE Their HomeSealed Experience

Windows, Doors & Exterior Projects For Milwaukee Area

Many people are anxious about shopping for replacement windows and other home improvement projects. And let’s face it: some companies have given them reason to be apprehensive.

People don’t like high-pressure sales… yet some replacement window companies continue to use sales tactics that make homeowners feel uncomfortable.

People don’t want cheap-quality products… yet many exterior companies continue to ‘race-to-the-bottom’ with cheap prices on inferior products that cost homeowners more in the long run. Or they overcharge for quality products, instead of just offering fair prices.

People don’t want to feel like they’re ‘on their own’ after the installation… yet many companies fail to offer lifetime workmanship and glass breakage warranties.

HomeSealed is not the typical company, and we reject doing business the typical way. Homeowners LOVE it. (You can tell that by our online reviews and our awards – see our Reputation page to learn more).

We’ve taken everything that people hate about shopping for windows and home improvements and stood it on its head.

• Instead of high-pressure sales, we have a friendly, educational approach. You decide what’s best for you.
• Instead of inferior products, we have a window that is manufactured so precisely that it is lab-tested to be 2,000% more airtight than a typical competitor window.
• Instead of leaving you with a standard warranty, we add our own lifetime workmanship and glass breakage warranties. Plus, the Okna windows we install come with an absolutely first-rate manufacturer warranty.

More About Why Homeowners Choose HomeSealed:

Why The Name HomeSealed? – Our precisely-engineered, airtight windows do a better job of sealing your home against drafts than any other brand. Read more…

No-Pressure Experience – You deserve a better experience than getting hammered by a salesperson. Here’s what we do that’s so different. Read more…

Truly Family-Owned – We’re a thriving window and exterior company that keeps growing. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get impersonal service from a faceless company. Exactly the opposite. Read more….

Lifetime Warranties – We give you real warranties, a blanket of protection that includes three lifetime warranties: the manufacturer warranty, plus our own workmanship and glass breakage warranties. Read more…

Financing – Payment plans are a great way to fit new windows, siding, and other exterior projects into the budget. We make it easy with our simple financing application and approval. Read more…

We’d be honored to meet with you and give you a free consultation on your project.

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