Why Wood Doors Are Out & Fiberglass Doors Are In

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“We did the best with what we knew then, and when we knew better, we did better.” When wood doors were the only option for entry doors, they seemed pretty appealing. Even as other options started to present themselves — like aluminum, steel or vinyl — there was still a classic elegance to wood doors that seemed unbeatable. It was because of that elegance that homeowners were often able to overlook issues like the high maintenance that comes with wood doors.

Then fiberglass entry doors appeared on the market. Stylish and stately, but much tougher than wood, they began to give wood entry doors some cause for concern. Now in 2018, it seems time to admit the truth: wood entry doors are out, and fiberglass entry doors are in.

Wood vs. the Elements

Wood doors simply don’t hold up to climates with harsh summers or winters. In extreme heat, they expand, crack, and warp. In the midst of heavy rain and snow, wood doors tend to swell, sometimes to the point of being unable to open or close. Wood doors are prone to rotting and susceptible to termites. Of course, you can keep your wood door protected with thorough routine staining and finishing. The cost of the high maintenance can add up, however, and it doesn’t guarantee that your wood door will stand up to the elements. Wood is also about as little fire resistant as it can get.

Fiberglass, However, is Low Maintenance

Fire resistant. Scratch resistant. Smash resistant. Fiberglass doesn’t warp, crack, or rot. It doesn’t expand or contract with the changes in temperature. A good fiberglass door can last for decades with very little maintenance needed at all. At most, you may have to repaint once or twice. Otherwise, these doors take care of themselves. They’re perfect for Milwaukee’s climate because they’re not really affected by Milwaukee’s climate. Fiberglass isn’t just stronger than wood. It’s one of the strongest entry door options on the market today.

Fiberglass Can Mimic the Appearance of Wood

Some of our fiberglass entry door customers have noted that they can’t tell the difference between their fiberglass door and a real wood door even as they use the door in their everyday lives. Hand-stained, custom-made fiberglass doors can be made to look just as elegant as wood doors without suffering any of the potential damages that come with wood doors. They can also be painted easily and come in a variety of styles.

When it Comes to Energy Efficiency, Fiberglass Wins

Wood is recyclable, biodegradable, and it’s a natural insulator. However, inclement weather can weaken its structure and wear down some of that natural insulation. It has little thermal resistance, and when it’s warped or cracked, air can easily leak through causing a drafty home and potentially allowing uninvited guests. Fiberglass doors have excellent insulation, thermal resistance, and as they’re so difficult to damage, they’ll ensure your home has a tight seal that keeps you comfortable both with the temperature and your energy bills.

Wood doors might start off with that classic look that everyone loves, but without attentive maintenance, they won’t stay that way. Combining low maintenance, style, and incredible energy efficiency, fiberglass doors are clearly the modern option. At Homesealed Exteriors, we offer fiberglass doors from some of the top brands, like ProVia and Homeguard. Call us today at (262) 784-4460 for more information about replacing our wood doors with fiberglass.

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