You look at those old wooden windows that came with your house, and you know – it’s time for replacement windows in Pewaukee, WI. When you call HomeSealed Exteriors, LLC to discuss installing replacements, you might want to consider something new – vinyl windows. These are our signature products, and in this article, we’ll look at the many ways these new and improved windows might be the perfect fit for your home.


Vinyl windows are significantly cheaper than wooden replacement windows because they’re produced in large numbers in factories and don’t require the manpower or raw materials of wooden windows. That doesn’t mean they’re of any lower quality, though – these windows are perfectly built to be a natural fit for your windows at a fraction of the price of equivalent models made from classic materials and with many other advantages.

Easy Installation

Unlike wooden windows, which have to be cut to fit the measurements of your home, vinyl windows are crafted to fit a mold and can be custom-designed with no cutting required. That means that when we come to your house to install them, it can be as simple as sliding them into place. If you’re interested in installing your windows independently, that’s possible with a simple kit containing all the tools you’ll need.

Endless Styles

With wooden windows, they usually come varnished and it’s possible to paint them, but the paint will need a replacement before the window will. With vinyl windows, they come designed in hundreds of styles and colors ideal for any home’s design or color scheme. You can come into our showroom, look at our extensive product line, and pick one that’s perfect for your home without needing a paint job. If you want a custom design that isn’t in our standard product line, it’s as simple as showing us the color scheme and letting us take it to our custom windows team.

Easy Maintenance

Wooden windows, while hardy and durable, can get stained easily and absorb moisture that can cause them to expand. With vinyl windows, these dense plastic models require virtually no maintenance and can be kept looking as good as their first day with only occasional wipe downs with a wet paper towel. The vinyl won’t absorb moisture and is perfect for wet climates to keep your windows moving smoothly.

Better Fit

Because your vinyl windows are designed to fit your home specifically, they’ll be much more effective at creating an airtight seal essential for keeping your energy costs low during the winter and summer. The cold or hot air stays outside where it belongs, and your energy costs go down. And if you have unusually-sized windows that don’t fit our standard models, our custom window program is here to help.

Are you ready to trade in your wooden windows for sleek vinyl replacement windows in Pewaukee, WI? Contact HomeSealed Exteriors, LLC for more on our product line or to set up an appointment today