The Energy Efficiency of New Entry Doors for Your Milwaukee Home

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New Entry Doors Milwaukee

There are many reasons you might want new entry doors for your Milwaukee home. Maybe your old door is faded or peeling and you want to boost your curb appeal. Maybe you need added security or you want to add value to your home before you move. But did you know about the energy efficiency you can enjoy from new entry doors? You might be surprised by the changes in your heating and cooling bills after installing a new entry door, especially with the added benefit of storm doors.

But how can you be sure you’re getting the most energy efficiency with your entry door? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Right Material

Not all entry door materials offer the same level of energy efficiency, and even those that seem energy efficient at first might begin to lose that quality as the elements wear them down. This is a particular problem with wood. Wood is a natural insulator, but in the midst of rain and snow, it swells and warps. You need an entry door material that’s strong enough to suit the Milwaukee climate. Between the three most popular materials (wood, steel, and fiberglass), fiberglass is seen as the most energy efficient entry door material. It offers insulation that simply can’t be beat, and it can even take on the look of wood.


The right material is one part of energy efficiency. But how can you feel really confident in your energy efficiency as the winter sets in? One way is weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is installed on all sides of the door. The point of weatherstripping is to completely seal the door when shut. If the weatherstripping is worn down, you might lose heat through cracks between the door and the door frame. You may feel a draft or notice your heating and cooling bills go up. Fortunately, new entry doors means new weatherstripping, but it’s a good idea to check your weatherstripping before winter begins to make sure there are no weak points.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are a perfect way to optimize the energy efficiency of your entry doors. On the most basic level, they protect your entry doors from the worst weather, heavy rains, sleet, snow, and debris. The better shape your entry door is in, the better insulation and efficiency it can provide. Storm doors also add an extra barrier to slow the flow of heat loss in the event that your weatherstripping is less than optimal. If you want to ensure the best energy efficiency possible for your entry door, a storm door is a must.

But most importantly, you need the right contracting company to offer the best products and tightest installation. Without the right team, even the most energy efficient features add up to very little. Contact Homesealed Exteriors today for more information or a free quote.

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