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December 19, 2017
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3 House Window Styles that Stood Out in 2017

Energy efficient windows never go out of style, but one thing that tends to change with the times is, well…style. Aesthetics, that is. From year to year, consumers change their preferences and styles and homes are remodeled to reflect that change. Of course, style largely varies from homeowner to homeowner, but there are always certain trends that become popular or less popular over the course of the year–often for good reason. Here are 3 of the top window styles that really thrived in 2017. Bay or Bow Windows These concave windows never seem to truly go out of style. They […]
November 12, 2017

Home Window Trends of 2017

Now that we’re towards the end of 2017, we can look back at the trends this year with a fuller picture of what worked and what didn’t. In particular, we can look back at the window trends of 2017. While windows themselves never go out of style or function, there have been many styles that have come and gone and many that had their spotlight to shine in 2017. Here are some of our favorite trends that we’ve seen this year. Bay or Bow Windows Bay and bow windows are the picture of elegance. They’re similar in that they’re both […]