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Milwaukee Replacement Windows and Maintenance

Summertime is here, and it’s the perfect time of year for entertaining. However, that often comes with no small amount of maintenance beforehand. From getting your air conditioner ready for the hotter temperatures, to making sure your windows are ready for summer, here are a few things you’ll want to do to maintain your Milwaukee home this summer:

Test Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Are you planning any big dinners this summer? Ready to break out the grill or a fire pit in the backyard? Summer is a great time of year to kick back and relax, but be aware of the potential fire hazards…as well as carbon monoxide concerns. Fortunately, you have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure that they’re in working order, and if you need to replace your batteries, do so.

Prep Your Air Conditioner

Do you have a central AC unit outside? Make sure to clear off any debris that might have accumulated from fall through spring. If you have a window unit, give it a clean before you turn it on. And make sure to replace your air filters so they’re clean and unobstructed. You may want to order preventative maintenance now to make sure everything’s in working order.

Clean Your Deck

If you have a deck, there’s a good chance you’ll be doing more than a little entertaining there this summer. So before you invite friends over, sweep off any debris and check for any damage. You may also want to reseal the deck if it’s wood to protect it from any water damage that comes with summer storms.

Inspect Your Windows

Clean your windows this summer as well, and while you’re there, take time to make sure they’re still serving you properly. Open and close them to make sure everything still runs smoothly, and check for any air that might be leaking through. You can do a candle test, holding a lit candle near the window and seeing if the flame pulls in a particular direction (implying that there’s an air leak). If your windows are worn or dated, it may be time to look into replacement windows that will help insulate your home and keep it cool and energy efficient during the summer.

Let Homesealed Exteriors help with your Milwaukee summer maintenance by offering high quality, air sealed replacement windows. Contact us today for more information or a free estimate.

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