May 17, 2018
Milwaukee Replacement Windows

Does Your New Milwaukee Home Need Replacement Windows?

Just because your Milwaukee home is new to you doesn’t mean the windows aren’t old. Moving can be an exciting, stressful process full of ups and downs. The house hunt can feel long and frustrating. Finding your dream home is exciting! Negotiating on the home is intimidating. Closing the deal on your new home is satisfying! Packing up and moving all your things — exhausting. So when you move into your new home, you probably don’t want to think about whether or not the windows need to be replaced, but it’s important that you do. If the windows are old […]
May 9, 2018
4 Questions to Ask Before Your Gutter Installation

4 Questions to Ask Before Your Gutter Installation

Do you need a gutter installation in Milwaukee? Make sure you know what you’re getting into. It’s wise to do your homework before you embark on any home improvement installation. Many people might find gutter installations relatively minor. It doesn’t leave the home open and vulnerable in the same way window or roof installation does. As long as the weather is dry, your home can survive without gutters, so many homeowners believe there’s not as much urgency. However, your gutters can have a large impact on your home, especially with both the health of your roof and your siding. Be […]
April 26, 2018

Choosing a Color for Your Milwaukee Siding Installation

You’re almost ready for your siding installation, but first: what color? Choosing a color for your siding might seem fairly inconsequential amidst all the other decisions to make before your siding installation. But once the contractor is chosen and the siding is selected, you may be at a loss with this final decision. If you already have a color in mind, great! If not, there are a few factors that might help you decide. Stand Out or Fit In Look at your neighborhood. What do the other houses look like? Is there a good variety or a sense of uniformity? […]
April 20, 2018
What Questions Should You Ask a Milwaukee Window Contractor?

What Questions Should You Ask a Milwaukee Window Contractor?

Don’t rush into choosing a window contractor. It’s important to talk to several different contractors and make an informed choice about the best one for you. To do that, it’s advisable to arm yourself with questions. After all, nothing’s worse than meeting with a contractor, being asked if you have any questions, and not being able to think of anything. Here are a few of our suggestions for questions you should ask any window contractor that you consider for your window repair or replacement: Are You Licensed? Contractor licenses vary from state to state, but it is required by law […]
April 13, 2018
New Siding Milwaukee

5 Signs of a Trustworthy Roof Replacement Contractor in Milwaukee

A roof replacement is a major home project, and you don’t want to pass that into the wrong hands. It’s neither easy nor particularly cheap to have done, but if the installation is done poorly, even with good materials, you may need another roof replacement sooner than you expected. But of course, with everyone claiming they do good work, how do you find the right contractor for your roof replacement? Fortunately, there are a few telling signs that speak for themselves. Local Reputation How long has the company been doing roof replacement projects in Milwaukee? Better still, what do their […]
April 5, 2018
Clean Your Milwaukee Roof Gutters

4 Reasons to Clean Your Milwaukee Roof Gutters This Spring

What’s On Your Spring Cleaning List This Year, Milwaukee? The snow has melted, and the sun is shining again. It’s time for spring cleaning. Did you remember to make room for your roof gutters? Your list of projects may already be pretty lengthy, but if you neglect cleaning your gutters in the spring, you may find yourself with more mess than you bargained for. Most experts recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year, and spring is one of the most essential times to do so. Here’s why it’s so important: Assess Damage from Winter Winter with all its freezing rain, […]
March 28, 2018

What Kind of Roofing System is Right for Your Home?

In the market for a new roofing system in Milwaukee? No one gets a roof replacement on a whim. It’s an intensive project that’s basically reserved for the day when your current roofing system is no longer working. But when that day comes and you’re in the market for a new roofing system, you have to ask yourself: what’s right for your home? Roofing systems have come a long way in recent years. There may be roofing options that simply weren’t available the last time you had a replacement roof installed, if you’ve ever had to go through that process. […]
March 22, 2018

Are Your Milwaukee Rain Gutters Ready for April Showers?

It can be difficult to maintain rain gutter care during the cold winter months. Most Milwaukee homes have more pressing concerns, like the insulation of their home. Thus rain gutters go neglected until the snow and ice clears, and often are worse for wear on the other side. Leaks, scratches, dents, and debris blockage are not uncommon states for rain gutters to find themselves in at the end of winter. Some of these are easy fixes which can be done at home. Others may require help from a professional or even new gutters. One thing is certain: you need to […]
March 14, 2018
Entry Door Replacement

5 Questions Answered About Steel Entry Doors

Steel entry doors have been popular for several decades as commercial construction doors, but they’re still a fairly recent trend in the residential world. Homeowners enjoy the for their durability, the fact that they won’t warp when exposed to the elements, and the added security that comes with the sturdiness of steel. But many homeowners have questions before they’ll be convinced. So we at Homesealed want to answer those questions. Here are a few commonly asked questions about steel entry doors: Are Steel Entry Doors Energy Efficient? Steel entry doors are exceptionally energy efficient. They’re tough insulators, especially with the […]
March 10, 2018

4 Ways to Make Your Entry Door More Secure

Security is everything when it comes to your Milwaukee home. You want to be able to sleep soundly, knowing that you and your family are safe. You should be safer nowhere than your home. Your entry door is a big part of that, maybe the most important part. Sometimes a simple lock isn’t enough to do it. Burglars often know how to get past that. But there are ways to make your entry door more secure. Here are some of our favorite suggestions. Add a Deadbolt This is the most common suggestion for strengthening the security of your entry door. […]