July 20, 2018
Gutter Contractor Milwaukee

Hire the Right Gutter Contractor in Milwaukee

Not all gutter contractors are alike in Milwaukee. Your roof gutters are of vital importance to your home. They keep water from pooling on your roof, causing leaks and rot. They funnel rain away from your front lawn, so your garden can thrive and your porch can avoid water damage. So when you need replacement gutters or repairs to your roof gutters, you want to make sure you trust the right gutter contractor. Not every gutter contractor will offer the same quality of service or the same price. There are several different things to consider when it comes to your […]
July 13, 2018
Roofing Company in Milwaukee

What Should You Look For In a Roofing Company?

Looking for roofers in Milwaukee? You want to be sure that you find the best roofer possible for your project. After all, if your roof is in bad shape, that spells danger for the rest of your home. A high quality roof installation or roof repair can last for decades, help protect your home, and even add value. On the other hand, a bad roofing job is not only a waste of money, but a potential threat to your  home. So how do you tell one from the other? It depends on knowing what to look for in Milwaukee roofers. […]
July 6, 2018
Energy Efficient Windows Milwaukee

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

How will your Milwaukee home benefit from energy efficient windows? If the time has come for you to replace your windows, the clear answer is energy efficient windows. Energy efficiency is the buzz phrase in every home improvement conversation, and for good reason. What it means, essentially, is that the window provides a tighter seal, which allows your home to use less energy. This allows you to enjoy many benefits for your Milwaukee home. Better Insulation Have you ever noticed a “cold spot” in a room during the winter? Chances are, that draft comes from your windows. All windows allow […]
June 29, 2018
Siding Installation Milwaukee

Milwaukee Siding That Withstands the Seasons

Choose a siding installation that holds up to the heat as well as the cold. Summer sneaked up on us in Milwaukee. It seems like just yesterday it was snowing, and now 80° highs are here again. These are the kind of extreme temperature changes that can affect the exteriors of your home, particularly your home siding. The question is, how does your siding react? If you’ve started to notice cracked or warped siding as the summer comes in, you may need to order a new siding installation. The choice of siding materials for your Milwaukee home is an important […]
June 21, 2018
Energy Efficient Siding

How Energy Efficient Siding Saves You Money

Energy efficient siding saves both energy and money. We all love to save money, and that can seem harder and harder to do, especially in the world of siding. Some homeowners choose cheap siding for this reason, only to have to repair or replace it a few years later. We recommend instead energy efficient siding like high quality vinyl with foam-backed insulation or composite siding. Not only are these higher quality, longer-lasting products that make your house look great, but they can even help you save money. How? Lower Energy Bills The most immediate way that energy efficient siding can […]
June 15, 2018

Frequent Questions that Milwaukee Window Contractors Are Asked

Milwaukee Has A Lot of Questions for Window Contractors. It’s good to make informed decisions when choosing someone to work on your Milwaukee home. You want to ask plenty of questions to any window contractors you consider so you can feel confident about them before you sign a contract. So it’s not surprising that window contractors sometimes hear an overlap of frequently asked questions. Here are some questions that homeowners commonly ask about windows and window contractors: What Are Your Service Areas? First and foremost, homeowners want to make sure that window contractors actually provide service to their area. Just […]
June 8, 2018
Choose an Award Winning Remodeling Contractor For Your Milwaukee Home

Choose an Award Winning Remodeling Contractor For Your Milwaukee Home

It can be hard to trust a remodeling contractor with your home. Your home is precious to you, and so many homeowners have horror stories of bad remodeling jobs that cost them more than they were worth. Of course, there are good remodeling contractors out there, but with every company claiming to be the best, how do you know where to turn? Experience is a good sign. A track record of recognized excellence is ideal. It’s one thing for a remodeling contractor in Milwaukee to themselves claim that they do great work. It’s quite another for a third party to […]
May 31, 2018
New Windows Shopping Guide

The New Windows Shopping Guide: What You Need to Know

In the market for new windows in Milwaukee? Here’s what you need to know. Shopping for new windows in Milwaukee is a very different undertaking than shopping for replacement windows in Milwaukee. Replacement windows only need to fit into the same place where your old windows once stood, but new windows are a wholly new construction. They’re purchased for different reasons and different considerations should be made. When Do You Need New Windows? Just because your old windows are failing does not mean that you need all new windows. In fact, in most cases, replacement windows will be all that’s […]
May 25, 2018

Siding Through the Seasons: Is Your Milwaukee Siding Ready for the Temperature Change?

As the seasons change, will your Milwaukee siding hold up or will you need a new siding installation? Siding experts often talk about siding through colder seasons. During winter, it’s important to have insulated siding and a tough seal to ensure that no cold air seeps into the house. However, winter is not the only season that needs to be taken into account when it comes to your siding. Warmer temperatures and rainy weather can have an effect on your siding as well. As temperatures start to rise and we move further into spring towards summer, how will your home […]
May 17, 2018
Milwaukee Replacement Windows

Does Your New Milwaukee Home Need Replacement Windows?

Just because your Milwaukee home is new to you doesn’t mean the windows aren’t old. Moving can be an exciting, stressful process full of ups and downs. The house hunt can feel long and frustrating. Finding your dream home is exciting! Negotiating on the home is intimidating. Closing the deal on your new home is satisfying! Packing up and moving all your things — exhausting. So when you move into your new home, you probably don’t want to think about whether or not the windows need to be replaced, but it’s important that you do. If the windows are old […]