Wood windows are the most common style and come pre-installed in most homes, but vinyl windows are gaining in popularity. So which of these two popular window materials are the best fit for your home in terms of durability, price, and ease of installation? In this article, we’ll look at the three top selling points for wood and vinyl replacement windows in New Berlin, WI, and how HomeSealed Exteriors, LLC can set you up with them.

For Wood Windows – Classic Look

When you get wood windows, you get a style that fits with any home and has a timeless appearance. Many people choose to have their wood windows varnished rather than painted, and that lets the natural spirals of the wood serve as decoration and give a closer connection to the outside. Wood comes in many natural colors, from light to dark, and add a beautiful traditional flair to a window pane.

For Wood Windows – Environmentally Friendly

When made from sustainable wood, wood-frame windows require relatively little manpower to craft and don’t use carbon-emitting heavy machinery. Often cut by hand or by powered saws, wood windows are shaped into whatever form you need and are made from natural materials that don’t emit any chemicals.

For Wood Windows – More Flexibility

Are you the indecisive type who wants to be able to repaint your windows whenever you get the urge? With wood windows, the frames are a canvas and can be painted any color, then stripped and repainted. The wood windows can also be carved into any shape you want to fit the unique contours of your house before installation.

For Vinyl Windows – Zero Maintenance

The biggest positive of vinyl windows is that they’re durable and require no maintenance to keep them in shape. Once installed, they won’t need to be painted or varnished and they’ll hold up in damp conditions without expanding. You may need to dust them infrequently to keep them in spotless shape, but vinyl windows are a good choice for anyone who doesn’t want to spend time on upkeep.

For Vinyl Windows – Energy Efficient

If you live in a climate of extremes and want to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, vinyl windows offer the best thermal protection. These windows are designed to be airtight and offer superior insulation compared to other models. Not only will you stay more comfortable, but your utility bills will be lower for heating and air conditioning.

For Vinyl Windows – Long Lasting

Modern vinyl windows are much more durable than past models, and won’t peel, crack, warp, or fade with standard use. While the climate can wear down wood windows, vinyl windows don’t absorb water and can last for decades to come with basic care. Combined with their low start-up cost and easy installation, vinyl windows are a sound long-term investment for those who want to raise their home value.

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