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Choose a siding installation that holds up to the heat as well as the cold.

Summer sneaked up on us in Milwaukee. It seems like just yesterday it was snowing, and now 80° highs are here again. These are the kind of extreme temperature changes that can affect the exteriors of your home, particularly your home siding. The question is, how does your siding react?

If you’ve started to notice cracked or warped siding as the summer comes in, you may need to order a new siding installation. The choice of siding materials for your Milwaukee home is an important one. Your siding should be able to protect your home at all times, not just in mild seasons.

The Problem with Summer

While winter poses a threat to your siding in terms of heavy snow and storm debris, summer brings with it its own problems. Chief among these are heat and light. As the sun beats down on your home, your siding’s color may start to fade. If it’s painted, the paint could begin to chip, making the whole appearance seem worn down and neglected.

Heat could cause more structural problems. Heat expands, and depending on the material, your siding may expand with it. In doing so, it begins to pull away from the house, causing gaps through which water or bugs can enter your walls. This may cause a bug infestation in your home, as well as mold or rot in your home’s insulation.

Summer is not without its storms, including hail storms. Large hail can dent and damage your siding. Certain siding materials, like wood, are also susceptible to rot caused by a combination of damp and humidity.

Temperature Control

Another problem that might arise in summer and spell the need for new siding installation is the temperature control of your home. As summer heats up, you’ll want the house to stay cool and comfortable. For that, a strong seal is necessary. If your siding is cracked or flimsy, heat could leak into your home, or cool air might escape out. This will not only make your home feel hot and stuffy, but your utility bills will be higher. You want siding with strong R-value in order to make sure that the temperature outside doesn’t impact the temperature inside.

Our Recommendation

At HomeSealed Exteriors, we offer both insulated vinyl siding and composite siding. Cheap vinyl siding too easily warps, cracks, and buckles. Mastic Vinyl, on the other hand, is created by PlyGem, a manufacturer that’s been around for over 70 years. This is vinyl siding that can hold up to the elements better than their competition.

LP Smartside composite siding has the classic appearance of wood, but in actuality is much more durable. Made with light composite materials including wood fibers and resin, it resists rotting, warping, and buckling no matter how hot the weather gets, just as it resists shrinking in winter. It’s also designed to hold up to the harsh storms that Milwaukee might throw its way.

Of course, at the end of the day, it all comes down to a quality siding installation, and that’s what we offer at HomeSealed Exteriors. We work with top suppliers and manufacturers and hire an excellent siding installation crew to make sure your siding will hold up no matter what the season. Contact us today for more information or a free quote.

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