Maintenance Tips to Help Your Roof Weather the Winter

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Winter can be a harsh time of year for any of your home exteriors, but especially your roof. Between snow, ice, rain, and extreme chill, your roof can be vulnerable to problems like leaks, mold, and roof rot if neglected. When spring showers come in, these problems will only be exacerbated, and the structure of your home could also be damaged. Fortunately, you can protect your roof by doing regular maintenance to keep it in good health, no matter the weather.

Clean the Gutters

One of the most essential parts of roof maintenance is keeping your gutters clean and clear. Your rain gutters protect all of your home exteriors and even your lawn from water damage in the midst of a storm, and your roof is no exception. If the gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, the water is unable to flow into them and is often left to pool on the roof. In the cold of Milwaukee winter, this can also lead to snow and ice dams. Every now and then, scrape any debris out of the gutter to keep the flow of the water clear and smooth.

Trim Nearby Trees

If you’re having frequent issues with debris on your roof, as well as scratching or scraped shingles, it may be because of nearby overgrown trees. Strong branches can scrape against the roof or even damage your rain gutters. Leaves can quickly clog your gutters, and during a storm, you can expect swarms of twigs and the like to gather on the roof. The solution is to trim these trees back so your roof has a little room to breathe. If any branches are hanging over your roof, remove them. You shouldn’t have to take down the whole tree in order to make room for your roof.

Don’t Forget the Flashing

Flashing refers to the thin strips of metal that surrounds tight corners of your roof as well as vents and fans to keep water leakage out. If your flashing is loose or rusted, that can make your roof vulnerable, so when scoping out the health of your roof, you don’t want to forget the flashing. Make sure the caulking is still strong and replace it if not. Check for signs of rust, mold, or mildew nearby. If debris is caught in the flashing, make sure to clean it out.

Regular roof maintenance can help prolong the life of your roof, but you may find in your roof maintenance, that the best thing for your home is to replace your roof altogether. If that’s the case, contact Homesealed Exteriors today for a free estimate.

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