How New Vinyl Windows Can Benefit Your Home This Year

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A new year has come, with new opportunities for home improvements. As the winter settles in, you may be becoming well acquainted with your home’s flaws. Maybe it’s a leaky roof or insulation that doesn’t quite do the trick. Maybe, however, it’s old, outdated windows — or a lack of windows in a particular room. If that’s the case, we recommend looking into new vinyl windows for your Milwaukee home. Vinyl windows remain one of the most popular choices when it comes to home windows and for good reason. While one of the more affordable options on the market, they offer several benefits that rival those more expensive options. Here are just a few:

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits touted to vinyl windows — especially new  vinyl windows — is energy efficiency. Vinyl has a natural thermal resistance, particularly when compared to aluminium or wood. Of course, it depends on the quality of the vinyl windows. At Homesealed Exteriors, we offer Okna vinyl windows, which have an air leakage rating of .01, literally the lowest amount of air leakage that can be measured. The less cold air leaks through and less heat escapes, the better sealed your home will be and the less you’ll have to rely on your heating and cooling to stay comfortable.


There are a couple reasons why vinyl windows are an appealing option for eco-conscious homeowners. The energy efficiency is a great way to both lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint, but vinyl windows also tend to last longer than aluminium and most wood windows. Vinyl windows are also recyclable, so when it’s time to replace them, the vinyl from your old windows can be used to make new vinyl windows or other vinyl materials.

Low Maintenance

A favored feature of the busy homeowner, however, is that vinyl windows are practically maintenance free. Their smooth frames and durability make them easy to wipe down, and that’s really the only maintenance they need. Unlike wood, vinyl windows don’t warp or rot. Unlike aluminium, vinyl windows don’t rust and never need to be repainted. They last for years and years with very little effort on your own part, purely on the quality of their manufacturing and installation.

Vinyl windows could be the perfect way to ring in 2019. Contact Homesealed Exteriors today for more information or a free estimate.

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