How Energy Efficient Siding Saves You Money

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June 15, 2018
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Energy Efficient Siding

Energy efficient siding saves both energy and money.

We all love to save money, and that can seem harder and harder to do, especially in the world of siding. Some homeowners choose cheap siding for this reason, only to have to repair or replace it a few years later. We recommend instead energy efficient siding like high quality vinyl with foam-backed insulation or composite siding. Not only are these higher quality, longer-lasting products that make your house look great, but they can even help you save money.


Lower Energy Bills

The most immediate way that energy efficient siding can help you save money is, naturally, through lower energy bills. Energy efficient siding works through the use of stronger insulation…which helps you to rely less on HVAC inside your home. The weaker your insulation, the more air leaks in from outside or escapes out from inside the home. This can cause a draft or stuffy feeling inside, and you’ll likely turn up your home heating and cooling to make up the difference. With energy efficient siding, you won’t have to worry about that. It wraps your home in a tighter seal, so you spend less per month on your energy.

Fewer Repairs and Replacement

Lower quality vinyl siding might be cheaper, but it will need much more maintenance than insulated vinyl or composite siding, and the cost of repairs can pile up. On the other hand, both insulated vinyl and composite siding last longer and are lower maintenance. This saves you time, as well as the cost of all the maintenance materials and potential repairs. Composite siding can last a lifetime, and stands up to the elements far better than the wood siding it mimics. In the long run, it’s the more cost effective option.

Added Home Value

Even if you’re not planning on moving for a few years, it’s never too early to start adding value to your home. Homebuyers will be willing to pay more for Milwaukee homes that are more energy efficient, with siding that looks great and lasts. Thus, by installing energy efficient siding, you can get a significant boost to your home value and an ROI on the siding itself. This is playing the long game with your energy efficient siding savings, but it’s still one more way that the right siding can save you money.

At HomeSealed Exteriors, we’re experts in giving your home a tight, energy efficient seal, with the best siding products for the Milwaukee area available. Contact us today for a free estimate to have energy efficient siding installed for your home.

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