Frequent Questions that Milwaukee Window Contractors Are Asked

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Choose an Award Winning Remodeling Contractor For Your Milwaukee Home
June 8, 2018
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Milwaukee Has A Lot of Questions for Window Contractors.

It’s good to make informed decisions when choosing someone to work on your Milwaukee home. You want to ask plenty of questions to any window contractors you consider so you can feel confident about them before you sign a contract. So it’s not surprising that window contractors sometimes hear an overlap of frequently asked questions. Here are some questions that homeowners commonly ask about windows and window contractors:

What Are Your Service Areas?

First and foremost, homeowners want to make sure that window contractors actually provide service to their area. Just because a window contractor is located outside of your city doesn’t mean that they necessarily don’t provide service to your area. And just because a window contractor seems to be in your region doesn’t necessarily mean you are in their service area. Homesealed Exteriors serves Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. We even have a helpful map laying out our service areas.

What Makes This Window Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is a big selling point with new and replacement windows. Most homeowners have heard the benefits: that it can help lower your energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and may even lead to energy efficient tax rebates. But not everyone knows what goes into window energy efficiency.

At Homesealed Exteriors, a big part of our energy efficient windows is our air leakage rating. This measures how much air leaks through the window, causing drafts in your home. The highest AL rating a window can have to pass certification is .3. However, most window contractors sell windows with .2 AL and declare them energy efficient. HomesSealed’s windows have a AL rating of .01, making them 2000% more airtight than most competitors.

There’s also U-value to consider, which measures a window’s resistance to heat flow. During the winter, you want the heated air inside your home to stay inside. The lower your U-value, the better. In Milwaukee, it’s best to choose a window with a U-value no higher than .2 or .25.

How Long Will the Process Take/What Goes Into Your Installation Process?

The time from the moment you call to request a free estimate to the moment the job is finished varies based on several factors. First, it depends on the time of year that you schedule the work. Spring and summer tend to be peak season for home improvement contractors, so there may be a longer wait before a contractor is available in that time. It also depends on how many windows you need installed or replaced, and what kind of windows you need.

Fortunately, when you get a free estimate from a window contractor, they can take all of these factors into account and give you an estimated timeline for your project.

Do You Have Financing?

Of course, expenses will always be a major concern when it comes to any home improvement project, including window installation. If your budget is a little tighter, you might be curious about financing options. Many window contractors offer financing options, but the details of those options will vary from business to business. At Homesealed, we offer stress-free financing options, including 12-month 0% financing with no interest, allowing your budget plenty of wiggle room.

What Warranties Do You Offer?

It would be lovely if you could have a window installed and be sure that nothing bad would ever happen to it for the rest of your time in the house. Unfortunately, unexpected accidents happen every day. That’s where warranties come in. Many contractors advertise lifetime warranties that cover the product, but not the workmanship. At Homesealed, we offer a triple-coverage lifetime warranty: that’s lifetime warranties on the product, the workmanship, and a Lifetime Glass Breakage warranty.

Have any more questions for Homesealed Exteriors? Contact us today, we’ll be happy to help.

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