Don’t Wait Until the First Blast of Cold to Replace Your Windows

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Milwaukee Replacement Windows

Replacement windows can help keep your home warm even in the cold of Milwaukee winter.

It seems as though fall just began and now winter is fast on its way to Milwaukee. For your home, that means you want to be sure everything is airtight and insulated to keep you comfortable during the winter months. If you have old windows that aren’t performing as well as they once did, now is the best time to replace them. Don’t wait until the first blast of cold and suffer through the drafts and high HVAC bills when you can schedule your window replacement now.

Energy Savings

The main reason to replace your windows now before the worst of the cold hits, is energy efficiency. During winter, it’s more important than ever that your windows be airtight. Strongly sealed windows can work to insulate your home so that you don’t feel the brunt of the cold in the midst of winter. However, as windows get older, they begin to lose the strong seal they once had. This can cause drafts to form in the home, but more importantly, your heating system has to work that much harder to keep the home warm, resulting in high energy bills. Replacement windows, especially those with an airseal rating as low as .01 CFM, will better serve your home and your energy savings.

Exacerbated Problems

There’s no time like winter to notice all of the problems with your old windows. As temperatures drop, you’ll feel a draft, or that stress crack that’s formed across the glass will seem much more conspicuous. Maybe you tried to close your window as temperatures began to drop and it was a little tougher than you expected, or it snapped shut. Cold weather brings issues with old windows to the forefront, and the longer you go without replacing them, the more exacerbated those issues will become. Mold and mildew are also a problem that occurs more frequently in winter, due to winter storms.

The Danger of Old Windows

Old windows can be an eyesore, but they’re also dangerous, especially in the midst of winter. Cracked windows can become in danger of cracking further or shattering in extreme temperatures. Drafts can cause illness, as can mold or mildew. If the windows that need to go are in a child’s bedroom or playroom, it’s all the more important to replace them as soon as possible.

If your windows are in need of replacement, don’t wait any longer. Contact Homesealed Exteriors today for a free estimate.

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