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Energy Efficient Windows Milwaukee

How will your Milwaukee home benefit from energy efficient windows?

If the time has come for you to replace your windows, the clear answer is energy efficient windows. Energy efficiency is the buzz phrase in every home improvement conversation, and for good reason. What it means, essentially, is that the window provides a tighter seal, which allows your home to use less energy. This allows you to enjoy many benefits for your Milwaukee home.

Better Insulation

Have you ever noticed a “cold spot” in a room during the winter? Chances are, that draft comes from your windows. All windows allow some amount of air leakage, which means warm air inside the home escapes out and cold air from outside gets in. The goal is to minimize that air leakage so that it’s almost not worth mentioning.

Air seal is measured in cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). The highest CFM rating a window can have and still be legally sold is .3 but that’s not ideal. Most respectable replacement windows have CFM ratings of .2. At Homesealed Exteriors, our windows have a CFM rating of .01, the lowest it can possibly go (the difference between .01 and 0 is too small to be measured by CFM standards). That makes our energy efficient windows 2000% more airtight than the standard competition.

Cost Savings

This is everyone’s favorite benefit from energy efficient windows. The purpose of these windows is, of course, to conserve energy with stronger insulation and performance. When an energy efficient window does its job and your home uses less energy, what follows naturally is lower energy savings. The main savings come from your HVAC bills. If your windows are energy efficient, you won’t have to crank the AC or heating to feel comfortable in your home, saving you hundreds throughout the year. If your windows are well placed and let in enough light, they can also save you on electrical costs because you’ll be able to light your home with sunlight during the day.

Environmental Benefits

Environmentally conscious homeowners have another reason to love the energy savings of energy efficient windows. By conserving energy, you lessen your home’s environmental impact. You won’t have to rely so much on coal or gas-powered sources. And with great energy efficient windows, you can do so in comfort and convenience. If you’re looking for ways to go green, energy efficient windows are a must for your home.

Our customers love the benefits of energy efficient windows which is why we provide the tightest air seal possible with all of our windows. For more information about energy efficient windows in Milwaukee, contact Homesealed Exteriors today.

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