5 Things to Look For In Your Gutter Protection System

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Milwaukee Gutter Protection System

Your rain gutters are one of the most important components to your roof. They protect your roof from water damage that could lead to mold, leaks, or roof rot. They even protect your walls, siding, and front lawns — when they’re in good shape. Gutter protection systems are designed to ensure that your gutters can do their job of funneling water away from the house without becoming cluttered with debris. But how do you go about finding the right gutter protection system?


Your roof and rain gutters have to be exposed to the elements, so of course your gutter protections system has to be exposed to the elements as well. It needs to be hardy to stand up to heavy rains, snow, and debris. Fortunately, the gutter systems we offer at Homesealed Exteriors from GutterMonster, are made of rugged materials that withstand 10” of rain per hour and includes a finish lasting for 30 years. It’s considered the best support for snow and wind load.


The wrong gutter protections system can put too much weight on your gutters, causing them to sag or pull away from the house. It might disperse water unevenly or simply be made of a material that’s too heavy for your gutters. Not so with GutterMonster gutter guards. These are installed with a unique corner system that ensures water is spread evenly throughout the gutters without any gratuitous weight put on any one part of the system.


Some gutter protections systems include a mesh guard that lets in small amounts of debris as well as water. Over time, the gutters can still become clogged. It just takes a longer time. GutterMonster gutter guards have a solid top, but funnel water into a slit in between the top protection and the side of the gutters, where it then runs along the path of the rain gutters to the downspout. Leaves slide right off, and because it’s so durable, the weight of snow is no problem, allowing that snow to melt and eventually find its way into the gutters.

The Right Manufacturer

GutterMonster has been in the business of creating gutter guards for over 20 years, and they’re one of the most respected gutter guard manufacturers in the business. Their system is tested and proven as one of the most efficient systems out there. It holds up to both storms, winter weather, and summer heat, with a Kynar-500 finish guaranteed for 30 years.

The Right Installation

But the right product means little without the right installation. That’s where our team comes in. We install these gutter protection systems all the time, so we know exactly what to do, and we don’t cut corners. We know how important it is to have the installation just right so that your gutter protection system, your gutters, and your roof as a whole can last as long as possible.

Want more information on gutter protection systems for your home? Contact Homesealed Exteriors todayfor more information.

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