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Single-Hung Windows for Discerning Homeowners in Milwaukee, WI

Windows are a critical feature of your home. They may be easy to overlook when they operate easily and close tightly, but you might have window replacement on your mind if you struggle with drafty windows, uncomfortable temperatures, and high energy bills. There are numerous window styles to choose from, but traditional single-hung windows could be just right.

At HomeSealed Exteriors, we have over a decade of experience installing single-hung windows in Milwaukee. We are dedicated to doing what’s best for the customer by offering stress-free financingfamily-owned values, and a no-pressure experience. We’re not happy until you are, so trust us to educate you about your options, not upsell you products you don’t really need.

What Are Single-Hung Windows?

Deemed a “classic” of the window world, single-hung windows are the oldest and most popular operating style in the country. The bottom sash slides open vertically, while the top sash remains fixed. This differs from double-hung windows that have two operable sashes.

Some single-hung windows have a tilting bottom sash to simplify glass cleaning and maintenance. Other models include a rounded top to take advantage of the fixed upper sash.

Benefits of Single-Hung Windows for Wisconsin Homes

Could a classic window style be right for your Milwaukee home? Consider the benefits to help you decide.

  • Cost-effectiveness: If having an operable upper sash isn’t important to you, installing single-hung windows could be more affordable than choosing the double-hung variety. A lower window cost makes it easy to replace all the windows in your home with high-efficiency upgrades that will lower your heating and cooling bills.
  • Space-saving operation: Unlike casement windows that pivot outward, single-hung windows slide up and down. As a result, this window style is suitable for installations that overlook sidewalks or patios.
  • Security: Single-hung windows can help make your home more secure. With only one moveable sash and a hefty locking mechanism for when the windows are closed, you won’t worry about intruders breaking in.
  • Best for traditional architectural styles: Single-hung windows have a long history. They were originally installed in traditional homes, and this remains the architectural style most suitable for single-hung windows to this day.
  • Energy efficiency: Having a single operable sash makes this window style less prone to leaking air in and out of your home. Of course, old single-hung windows can settle and warp, degrading their airtightness in the process. That’s why you might be looking to replace your single-hung windows with high-performance versions. Rest assured that the windows from HomeSealed Exteriors are the very best on the market. Lab tests have shown them to be 2,000% more airtight than typical competing brands!

Install Single-Hung Windows in Milwaukee

To get the most from your new single-hung windows, make sure you choose an experienced window installer in Milwaukee. The experts at HomeSealed Exteriors are more than qualified for the job! Our family-owned company does things differently than many other window installers. For instance, we measure our success not by sales numbers, but by the quality of service we deliver! Plus, we offer triple lifetime warranties on every installation, so you can get started with peace of mind.