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Picture Windows to Frame Your View

If you’re looking to add natural light and gorgeous views to your home, picture windows might be ideal. They may not provide ventilation, but picture windows do offer some unique benefits. The team at HomeSealed Exteriors can educate you on your window style options and help you decide if picture windows are right for you. We have been installing windows in Milwaukee for over a decade, so you can trust us to meet your needs!

What Are Picture Windows?

When you hang a picture on the wall, your goal is to add beauty to the room. Picture windows do the same thing—they let in light and give you a view of the beautiful vistas beyond—but they don’t open. While this may seem like a downside, it can be a positive feature for efficiency-minded homeowners.

Picture windows are similar to fixed windows in that neither of them operate. However, picture windows have smaller frames to provide the largest possible view of the outside. They are also often installed without curtains or drapes to truly make the window a “picture” of the outdoors.

Advantages of Picture Windows in Milwaukee

You might be wondering if picture windows are suitable for your Waukesha County home. Here are some of the benefits they offer:

  • Affordability: Because they are less complicated to manufacture, picture windows tend to be more affordable than operable windows of comparable size and efficiency. This could be great if you’re replacing your windows on a budget.
  • Large size: Picture windows are available in larger sizes than any other window style. The fixed pane eliminates many of the size constraints that exist with windows that open.
  • Impressive vistas: Picture windows are often installed floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall to create entire walls of glass. This opens up the room to the natural beauty outside and completely transforms the space.
  • Suitable for many architectural styles: Window walls are most common in modern homes. However, a single picture window can look beautiful in homes of any architectural style.
  • Pairs well with operable windows: You can have large, uninterrupted views and still enjoy ventilation. Simply flank a picture window with double-hung or casement windows. This gives you an even broader view of the outside, plus the option to let in a breeze when the time is right.
  • Energy efficiency: Because they are fixed, there is no point of weakness in a picture window. With advanced glass technology and proper installation, a high-performance picture window can be nearly as efficient as an insulated wall. This is especially true of HomeSealed Exteriors’ windows, which are lab-tested to be 2,000% more airtight than typical competing brands!

Install Picture Windows in Your Milwaukee Home

If you have decided that picture windows are right for your needs, the next step is to hire an installer for the job. The team at HomeSealed Exteriors has the skills and experience necessary to install picture windows in your home. Our products are second to none, offering the affordability and energy efficiency you want from new windows.

When you turn to us for replacement windows in Milwaukee, rest assured that we won’t bore you with a high-pressure sales pitch. Instead, we’ll educate you on your options to make sure you place your window order with confidence. Every installation comes with a triple lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.