Why Is Summer One of the Best Times of Year to Get a New Roof?

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June 7, 2019
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Are you waiting for the right time to order your roof replacement in Milwaukee? Especially for home exteriors like roofing, the time of year that you choose for your home improvement projects makes an impact. In fact, many homeowners feel that summer is the best time of year to have a roof replacement, although — and in fact sometimes because — it’s a less busy season for roofers. Why? Here are a few reasons:

Low Demand Means Savings

Spring and summer tend to be a slow period for roofers — which can be good for you. Particularly, because there are fewer roof replacement orders, manufacturers have lower demand and aren’t able to sustain prices as high as they might during the busiest times of year. This means the contractors may be paying less for supplies, and those savings can trickle to the homeowner. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a cost effective roof replacement, summer could be the best time of year.

Fewer Weather Delays

Winter, spring, and fall in Milwaukee can be intense when it comes to storms…and storms mean delays for your roofing project. Roofers can’t work in heavy rain or snow, so you may find your project taking longer than you intended if you choose to have it installed in a more tempestuous season. Summer is not without storms, but overall it tends to be fairer weather — and longer days, meaning roofers can work longer. With this weather, you’re less likely to have delays due to weather.

Freedom of Scheduling

Another way that a slower season can work in your favor is when it comes to scheduling. When you order a roof replacement in the busiest seasons, you could find yourself waiting for months at a time before there’s an available date. And that’s without taking your own schedule into consideration. But during the summer, there are fewer orders, so roofers have a book that’s a little more open and accommodating to your schedule. If you need to make sure the timing is convenient, summer is the season for roof replacement.

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