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Siding For Milwaukee Homes With Fantastic Curb Appeal

Shopping for siding can sometimes feel overwhelming. You’re choosing a product that determines the overall curb appeal of your home and has an impact on its overall value.

Adding to the confusion is how many choices are available: different materials, lots of colors, and plenty of installation companies.

Our goal at HomeSealed is to help you navigate the process without sales pressure or stress. We’re very focused on educating Milwaukee homeowners on siding options, as opposed to just trying to sell you something. Once you are armed with information, you can make the best decision for your taste and budget.

How To Select The Right Siding

There are 4 major questions you should ask yourself when shopping for a siding installation company.

#1. Is This Company Educating Me On My Siding Choices (0r Are They Just Pressuring Me To Buy)?

Some Milwaukee area siding companies are basically sales & marketing businesses that then farm out the work to sub-contractors (often it will be awarded to the lowest bidding sub-contractor). If you get the feeling that the salesperson is more interested in getting your signature on a contract than he is on helping you find the best solution, that spells trouble.

You also want to be careful about ‘a guy and his truck.’ Some of these one-man operations are well-intentioned and some are decent craftsman, but they are almost always poor at communicating siding options and giving you a real selection.

If these are the problems, what is the solution. Here’s what we think you should expect from any siding consultation and quote:

  • Real choice of materials. If you are being told there is only one good solution for every home, look elsewhere. HomeSealed offers multiple materials, colors, and brands. (for more on this visit our Vinyl Siding page or our LP Composite Siding page).
  • Education, not domination. If you’ve ever felt sales pressure when buying a car or other high-ticket item, you know the difference between a salesperson who tries to dominate you versus a true consultant who gives you an education on the product. When you shop for siding, find an educator, not a dominator.
  • Professionalism. When a siding company first visits your home, they are giving you clues to what the overall experience will be like if you decide to hire them. Do they show up on time for the appointment? Is the person a good communicator, clean-cut, and prepared? Is the quote clear and in a professional format?
#2 Who Is The Manufacturer Of The Siding Products?

At HomeSealed, we only recommend siding products from PROVEN manufacturers. There are two main reasons for this. One, a track record of producing top-quality materials is a good sign that you’re getting a durable product.

Just as important, the product warranty should be from a company that has proven they can stay in business for years and years.

To read more about our recommended vinyl siding manufacturer, go here. To find out more about our recommended composite siding manufacturer, go here.

#3 What Proof Do You Have That The Installers Are Qualified?

When it comes to who will actually install your siding, it’s a good idea to ask questions. Things to look for:

  • Independent certifications (like the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) Certification) AND manufacturer certifications.
  • Ask about years of experience and who will be in charge at the job site.
  • Look for companies that can talk about specific siding installation techniques they use that go beyond ordinary standards.

HomeSealed is VSI Certified, and we have preferred and certified status with PlyGem to install the Mastic Vinyl Siding and with LP to install their composite siding. We always use the very best installation methods for these products.

#4 What Kind Of Online Reputation Does This Milwaukee Siding Company Have?

Any company can make just about any claim. A siding company can pretty much say anything on a website, or in an ad, or during a sales presentation. But what’s almost impossible to do is fake a great online reputation.

Sure, a mediocre company might get a handful of decent reviews, but a truly excellent one will have much more. It’s best to look for positive, rave reviews over and over on multiple sites.

HomeSealed is an open book. To discover what people say about us online, please visit our Reputation page.

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