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Full Frame Window Replacement in Milwaukee and Waukesha area

Is your Milwaukee home a better candidate for a pocket replacement, or full frame window installation? Most are suitable for pocket replacements, but many homes have damage and/or rot to the existing frames. Some homeowners just want to preserve as much glass viewing area as possible, and yet others want to ensure a 100% new seal where the new window sets inside the home’s wall framing. All of these scenarios call for a full removal of the existing window frame, and installation of a new construction style window. Our project consultants whom all have hand’s-on installation experience can help determine which installation option is best for you and your home, including full frame window replacement. full frame window replacement Advantages of full-frame installation:
  • Any and all potential leakage points are addressed
  • A true 100% seal is achieved in the window opening
  • Glass viewing area is maximized, gaining anywhere from 1-2″+ in each direction
A full frame tear-out is an excellent opportunity to replace both the interior and exterior trim work as well. HomeSealed offers unique and beautiful pre-finished interior woodwork that is custom made and assembled in the factory for easy installation in your home. In addition, exterior trim systems are available in various styles and sizes to fit your home’s unique character.

What makes my home good candidate for a full frame window replacement?

  • Existing leakage around windows
  • Substantial wood rot of existing window frames
  • Desire for new interior woodwork
  • Window replacement scheduled in conjunction with siding replacement (lessens cost)
  • Narrow window openings and/or sensitivity to loss of glass and light

Why might pocket replacement be my best choice?

  • Budget. The cost of a full frame replacement adds $150+ per window.
  • Preserve existing woodwork. Many older homes have beautiful woodwork that you do not want to disturb. Pocket replacement windows avoid this.
  • Invasiveness. A typical replacement window project may take a day or two, where a full frame tear out will more than double that time frame.
  • Good size existing windows. If your existing windows are reasonably sized, the small amount of glass area and light lost will likely be unnoticed.
  • Good condition existing windows. If your existing windows windows are in good shape, and you don’t have any concerns listed above, the additional investment for full frame replacement windows may be difficult to justify.

What is the difference in product from replacement window to full frame window?

When it comes to vinyl windows, not much. Most vinyl windows these days are made with a 3 1/4″ jamb depth for replacement style installation. The same units are generally used for full frame installs by simply adding interior jamb extensions and nail fins. Some manufacturers offer “new construction” specific windows, however these products are generally questionable in quality and performance, as they are designed to meet a low price point for builders. Wood windows on the other hand will have design differences between the full frame and replacement products, as they are engineered in the reverse order. Most wood windows start as full frame windows and have “replacement” versions, where the vinyl and composite products are used mostly in “replacement” applications and are “built-up” for full frame window installation applications.
Call HomeSealed today for an expert assessment of whether your Wisconsin home would benefit from a full frame window replacement installation.