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When it’s time for roof replacement, homeowners should focus on two crucial questions.

Will the contractor I hire use top-quality roofing materials from a proven manufacturer?

And will the Milwaukee roofing company I hire install it right the first time?

HomeSealed Exteriors is the Milwaukee roofing contractor that always uses proven materials and installs them according to the highest industry standards. Of course, any roofing contractor could say that, but we’ve got the facts to back it up.

FACT: We’re CERTIFIED by Owens Corning to install their roofing materials. Owens Corning is one of the most trusted roofing materials companies in the country and they’ve been around for 80+ years.

We’ve earned the prestigious certification status from Owens Corning because HomeSealed has demonstrated that we meet or exceed rigorous standards for job quality, financial health, and company ethics to protect your home and your investment.

You don’t need to take chances with your roof replacement in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. You can get proven materials installed by a certified Wisconsin roofer.

FACT: We’re also CERTIFIED by Atlas Roofing Products to install their roofing materials.

Atlas is one of the top roofing manufacturers in the country and they use 3M technology as part of the manufacturing of their shingles. Here are some more benefits of selecting Atlas Roofing products:

3M Scotchguard Protector helps protect against black streaks caused by algae. Ugly streaks can downgrade the appearance of your home and hurt its value.

130 MPH Wind Rating – These shingles remain rock-solid in high winds.

Best Impact Resistance – Atlas has special shingles that are Class 4 Impact rated – the highest possible. This test simulates what would happen if 2“size hail stones fell on your roof. The test drops a 2“steel ball onto the shingle twice in the same spot. If the shingle shows any signs of fracture, or the glass mat underneath breaks, or there is significant granule loss, the shingle fails. But Atlas StormMaster Shingles pass this test!

Best of all, you’ll have ‘peace-of-mind’ that these superb Atlas Roofing Products are being installed by a Milwaukee roofing company that has been tested and certified. Don’t take risks with a re-roofing project, hire a fully-certified roofer.

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More About Milwaukee & Waukesha Roof Replacement

You want to avoid feeling overwhelmed when deciding on a Milwaukee roofer. Here are 5 things you’ll want to consider before making a final decision.

Factory (Manufacturer Affiliation): Any reputable roofing contractor will have affiliation with a shingle manufacturer, meeting certified or preferred status. This affiliation protects you as a homeowner.

You’ll KNOW you are dealing with a sound, ethical company that meets the quality standards of the manufacturer for warranty coverage. Your home is your largest investment, and your roof is the number one thing that protects it. The roof is NOT the area where you want to cut corners or just pick the lowest bid without regard for quality.

Company Reputation: In addition to the factory affiliation, check out the BBB, Angie’s List, trade groups and other sources for feedback. You can visit our Reputation page to discover more… we’re an open book.

Importance Of The Underlying Details: Here are some areas where what you choose to do is important: Synthetic Underlayment, placement of Ice and Water Shield, All new Flashings, and Ridge Cap.

Years ago, the standard in roof underlayment was felt paper; synthetic materials were simply too costly for most homeowners. Today, synthetic underlayment still boasts far superior strength and performance, but has become far more affordable. It is standard issue for most roofing contractors, and anyone selling felt paper, (15# or 30#) is trying to save a few pennies at the long term expense of your roof.

Other details that matter: Ice and Water Shield should be installed 6” from eaves, in valleys, and at all roofing penetrations.

For your ridge cap, many installers will use cut up shingles as a “cap” at the peak of your roof. This area is subject to extreme conditions, and standard 3-tab shingles are NOT built to withstand this. Insist on a dedicated hip and ridge cap panel for this area. At HomeSealed Exteriors, we recommend a full system of shingles and accessories from the same manufacturer to assure compatibility and achieve maximum performance and lifespan.

Warranty: A Milwaukee roofing company that has Certified or Preferred Status with a manufacturer can often include enhanced warranty coverage as an option. HomeSealed can offer you one of these special warranties.

Here’s an example of what we mean: while most shingles these days are referred to as “lifetime”, that only means there is SOME coverage for life. Better warranties (like the one we can give you from Owens Corning) will give you much more coverage for a longer time period.

The Owens Corning Preferred warranty has 50 years of non-prorated coverage on material, and covers 10 years on labor and even disposal expenses. This is truly excellent roofing warranty coverage, and we strongly encourage you to do an ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison with any other roof replacement you are considering.

Atlas Roofing also has a terrific warranty with real protection. For example, an Atlas Signature Select Roofing System comes with coverage for ALL the roof’s components. You can also get enhanced Premium Protection Period that includes:

  • Non-prorated labor and materials coverage
  • Tear off and disposal fees coverage
  • Coverage of the full roofing system
  • Transferability

Clean up: Every company says that they do a good job of cleaning, but HomeSealed Exteriors is the only contractor that offers our Preferred Property Protection Package. This includes tarps and coverings from the eave to protect siding and on ground, wood sheet protection for windows and plantings, minimize jobsite debris. Full cleanup including magnetic roller sweep through property, and again at 90 days upon request.

Here’s How To Get Started: Our Comprehensive Roof Inspection For Milwaukee

  • Free Thorough Inspection To Determine Exactly What Needs Done.
  • A Clear Presentation To You Of Your Options For Installing A Quality Roof System.
  • Give Us Feedback On Your Preferences.
  • Select The Shingle Design And Color You Want.
  • Define Exactly What We Will Do And Give You A Detailed Report, Which Including An Itemized Breakdown Of All Product To Be Used.

And More Of What We Include In Our Free Consultation:

  • Inspect For Ventilation
  • Prevent Moisture Damage To Your Roof Deck And Your House.
  • Opportunity To Save Energy Costs.
  • Insure Compliance With Codes.
  • Meet Shingle Warranty Requirements. (Most Roofing Companies Don’t!).
  • Check Local Building Codes.
  • Make Sure Work Will Comply With Any Additional Local Requirements.

Shingles Are Only One Part Of Your Roofing System. The HomeSealed Team Are Roofing Experts That Can Tell You Exactly What Needs To Be Done.

If your Milwaukee or Waukesha home is in need of roof replacement, you probably think that you have all of your bases covered by getting multiple quotes, vetting the roofing contractors that you are considering, perhaps even doing some research on product options.

Those are important, but don’t neglect one of the most critical considerations: What CAUSED the roof failure in the first place? Just because your roof is over 20 years old, that does not mean that it automatically should need to be replaced. Perhaps you have ventilation issues, inadequate or improper attic insulation, or improper INSTALLATION of the roof or components.

At HomeSealed Exteriors we take a comprehensive, scientific approach to addressing your needs. We don’t just show up and give you a price, we work to assess every home’s unique circumstances to determine what component failed, what is needed to fix it, and what caused the failure in the first place. This is absolutely critical to ensure that your Milwaukee roof replacement will last for years to come.

HomeSealed Exteriors offers roofing services in Milwaukee and throughout SE WI.

You Can Get A Free Replacement Roof Consultation And Quote From HomeSealed.