Complete Home Insulation Installation
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Stop Losing Money Through Energy Loss!

Did you know that heating and cooling account for over half of your home’s energy use, and that the insulation levels and air-sealing in your home play a major role in that?

What many Milwaukee insulation companies don’t do is a thorough assessment of your needs before making a recommendation. We’re different – we use thermal infrared technology to determine exactly where your home is leaking energy.

At HomeSealed, we are the Home Performance experts, and we can help you assess whether you are simply in need of some additional attic insulation, or a much more comprehensive approach. Because of our expertise and high standards, we are Energy Star certified partners.


  • Save Money on energy bills– Insulation and air-sealing provide the biggest bang-for-the-buck of any home improvement
  • Improve Comfort | Keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Reduce the stress on your HVAC system
  • Improve Your Home’s Value | A home running at peak performance is high on the list for today’s homebuyer.
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and help the environment
  • Rebates and Incentives:
  • Federal Tax Credit up to $500
  • Focus on Energy Attic Insulation Program rebates up to $600

Milwaukee Energy Consulting and Thermal Imaging

Paying your roofing contractor to simply blow-in another foot of attic insulation is a waste of money and will not meet your expectations. Air-sealing the attic is one of the most important things that you can do, and is overlooked by most “blow-and-go” contractors.

Using an Infrared thermal camera and other specialized tools, we can determine your home’s problem areas. At that point we give you a proposed scope of work to address these areas (prioritized from most to least important). Call HomeSealed to schedule your home energy inspection today!

*HomeSealed is not currently taking on projects through the Focus on Energy Home Performance program, however we are participating in the Attic insulation program with rebates up to $600. Please check back for updates, or call HomeSealed for details.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Insulation In Milwaukee

Should I have my roofer blow additional attic insulation in my home?

If your roofer is BPI or Resnet certified home performance specialist, possibly. Did he/she recommend air sealing? Most roofing companies will simply blow over your existing insulation. The problem is, neither cellulose or fiberglass insulation stop airflow (leakage) through your attic. Understand, warm air does not just “rise” into your attic, it is literally SUCKED out of your home through a phenomenon called Stack Effect. Air sealing leakage points in your attic is absolutely critical in addressing this issue, and simply blowing in more insulation without air sealing your attic will not deliver the results that you desire.

Which material do you prefer: cellulose or fiberglass insulation?

Generally speaking we prefer cellulose, as does the majority of the home performance community. It delivers a slightly better R value per inch, it is slightly more resistant to airflow, cheaper, and actually less hazardous than fiberglass. That said, fiberglass is fine and makes sense when blowing over existing fiberglass insulation. Just don’t fall victim to those that claim fiberglass is a superior choice with all things being equal.

How do you get insulation in my walls?

Most homes that are in need of wall cavity insulation are good candidates for dense packed cellulose insulation. The process consists of drilling small holes (one or two per cavity), and blowing cellulose in at a high rate of pressure to insure proper packing and full coverage.

Would you recommend “do it yourself” insulation?

There is an abundant amount of information available including how-to videos, etc. regarding insulation and air sealing. Treating your attic, while dirty and unpleasant, can be done if you are feeling ambitious. Dense packed exterior walls on the other hand requires a higher grade of equipment and experience, so it is best left to an insulation contractor in Milwaukee.

Do you recommend spray foam?

Spray foam is an excellent option when used under the correct circumstances. There are a few things to be aware of:

It is extremely pricey, so is best used in conjunction with other materials to increase “bang for the buck”

It has hazardous chemicals that are dangerous during application, so proper protection measures are crucial

There are various forms or spray foam, most notably open and closed cell. Again, they each have a proper application, with closed cell offering a superior r factor.

My home is terribly inefficient, where should I start?

A home energy audit is the most comprehensive method of assessing your home’s performance and safety, and is the best recommendation. A thermal imaging analysis is a less invasive way to explore specific areas regarding energy loss, with visual inspection rounding out the options being the least reliable. That said, a visual inspection by an experienced and certified insulation contractor can generally diagnose and treat the vast majority of energy loss in your home. All three options will point to the attic insulation and air sealing as the number one source of energy loss in your home. Treating the attic properly will actually lessen the strain on your windows, doors, and other areas of your home where air leakage occurs, and should always be your first area of concern when addressing your home insulation in the Milwaukee area.

What about radiant barrier?

Radiant barrier is a thermal, reflective barrier that can be installed in your attic. Some experts validate its effectiveness, while others are doubtful. It is documented to improve performance in hot climates where reflecting the sun’s heat can have a more profound impact on your cooling bills, however in a cooler climate like ours it’s effectiveness is not as well documented. Our recommendation is to treat your attic with proper levels of insulation and air sealing, as these items will have the most profound effect on the energy efficiency of your home.

HomeSealed is your Milwaukee area attic insulation and home performance specialist. Call us today, and we will be happy to diagnose the items in your home that are costing you money through energy loss, and prescribe the most efficient and effective manner to address the insulation in your home.


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