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entry doors milwaukeeFiberglass Entry Doors 5 X’s More Energy Efficient than wood!

Did you know that according to reports, replacing your home entry door is the single most effective improvement that you can make to your home in terms of cost versus value? Nearly 97% of your expense will be recouped by the increase in value to your home, with no regard to all of the energy that you will save! At HomeSealed, we offer an extensive selection of fiberglass, insulated steel, and wood entry doors from top manufacturers such as Albany, Homeguard, Thermatru, Polaris, and ProVia. Our featured offering from Albany offers hand-crafted construction and finishing, and the BEST lifetime warranty in the industry. They also offer an exclusive, 100% lifetime warranty on the frame. The R-factor of a door with no glass is an astonishing R15.2, which is 5x’s more energy-efficient than a typical wood door! We also offer a wide range of storm doors from Homeguard, ProVia, and Larson. Regardless of your budget, we have a door to fit your home and your style. Besides providing your home with egress, doors provide aesthetics, security, and protection against the elements, our certified door replacement installers can replace your old Milwaukee entry doors with new energy saving doors that will increase the beauty, security, and value of your home. Our expert consultants can show you many styles of entry doors, from to steel doors, to wood and fiberglass doors, and our trained and experienced craftsmen can provide the high quality installation your home deserves. entry doors milwaukee

Frequently asked entry door questions:

  • What is the best door material? There are three common materials that doors are constructed of today, and they are wood, fiberglass, and steel.  Each material has its own unique set of pros and cons,  from security and energy efficiency to aesthetics. Solid wood doors are beautiful, but can be rather pricey, and require quite a bit of maintenance. They also lack in the area of energy savings. Fiberglass and insulated steel entry doors are constructed similarly, just using a different “skin” material. Both options are very good for performance and reliability, however fiberglass will have a slightly more organic look and feel, and will have a slight edge in energy efficiency.
  • What things can I look for to tell door quality?  This can be rather tricky, as to the untrained eye, the best entry door and the worst door may not look all that much different. The short answer is just like anything else, in that the difference is made up in the materials, engineering, and construction of the product. The hard part is determining that difference. We recommend viewing a full size operating door sample, as well as a cut-away. Things to look for : gauge of steel (22 or lower is best), construction of door “skeleton”, as it should be substantial in nature and made of composite materials, small items like ball bearing hinges and threshold reinforcement, jamb material (composite is preferred for rot resistance, Alaskan yellow cypress is good), and the finish quality and warranty. It is very difficult to make a steel or fiberglass door look like real wood when the stain is simply sprayed on uniformly, so at HomeSealed we only recommend doors that are hand stained. An automotive grade clear-coat is then applied for ultimate durability.
  • What makes a door secure? Many people choose steel doors for security, however it is rarely the slab(door) itself that is compromised in a break-in. The jamb is the first thing to split, and should be considered if security is an important factor in your purchase. Thick gauge steel reinforcement on the back of the jamb at the strike plate is highly recommended for security.
  • Should I replace my storm door as well? It is generally recommended to replace your storm door along with the home entry door. Storm doors are cut and installed to fit the entry door that they are originally attached to, and therefore a good fit may not be possible on a new door. In addition, it is very important to vent your storm door properly, particularly in the warmer months, to prevent overheating of the entry door.
  • What is a good storm door? We recommend storm doors that are built from welded steel and/or extruded aluminum for long term performance. Wood-core storm doors are poor quality that will not last.
  • Will you install an entry door that I buy? Generally speaking, we will not offer that service. The reason is that the quality of a door assembly has a profound effect on the difficulty of installation, as well as the service life of a product. We find that doors that you may buy at a local home store due to their low price, are most often of subpar quality and do not yield long term satisfaction. It is our desire to install only products that we can stand behind for many years.
  • Why is wood not a very popular choice? Today’s hand-stained fiberglass doors are simply gorgeous, and we often find that homeowners cannot tell that they are NOT wood, even when operating them up close.  In addition to appearance, fiberglass entry door and steel doors will offer superior energy efficiency, warranty, security, less maintenance, and a lower price point in comparison to a wood door.
home door measurement

Measuring a new entry door for your home in Milwaukee and Waukesha

Door measurement is a VERY important step in the process, one often overlooked by door contractors. Failure to measure the proper jamb depth, frame height, and other factors could result in a door that will require extensive additional work to make it fit, or possibly render it unusable. Home stores and inexperienced door installers will try to make a “standard” size door fit for every application. At HomeSealed, we ensure that your your new entry door will look , operate, and seal the way that you expect it to by custom-ordering your new door to fit the opening of your home.

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