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How Much Do Replacement Windows in Milwaukee Cost?

You can find pricing and detailed information online for most of life’s largest purchases, including new home or vehicle. Why then is it impossible to find info on the cost of replacement windows?  It shouldn’t be! At HomeSealed Exteriors, we take pride in offering ultra high performance products at very competitive prices. Book an appointment online now.   Book Appointment
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What do windows cost?

What types of things factor into the cost of windows?

Size & Scope of Project of replacement windows in Milwaukee, WI

A larger project will generally be able to see better pricing, where as a smaller project will have a higher cost per window due to the fixed expenses associated with any project.  There is something to be said for quantity discount.  It costs the same amount to coordinate, set up, and tear down a one replacement window project, as it does a 15 replacement window project. Projects even larger (20, 30 windows +) can generally expect to see special pricing accordingly.  

Installation Circumstances of replacement windows in Milwaukee, WI

Would you prefer a replacement window installation, or a full-frame (new construction) style window installation? This item alone can change the cost per window $200+. If you choose to do a cut-in window installation or a cut-in patio door installation, the scope of the project can become quite involved with labor, planning, and permits, and the cost can rise quickly.  

Product options

A basic white vinyl double hung may be ten’s to hundred’s of dollars less per window than a model with several options, and several hundred less than a fully stained custom wood window.  It’s best to find a company that offers you different options for your project so that you can compare “apples to apples”.   There are windows that can be installed for under $400 complete, and others that will top $2000 each, but the general range of pricing of a good window from an established, reputable company should fall somewhere between $500-$1500 fully installed, depending on the the options and variables listed above. House Windows replacement cost  

Don’t pay too much, but don’t pay too little!

As the old saying goes, Only a rich man can afford to buy cheap, as he will be paying for it twice! There are a few different avenues for replacement windows in milwaukee that offer very low priced option: Home (Big box) stores (think Home Depot and Menards), Discount retailers (think $189 installed), and then your typical low-overhead, works out of his truck contractor that represents a high percentage of the home improvement industry.
  • Home (Big box) Stores: Home stores sell product primarily with low price in mind, and that is their specialty: selling product. Somes stores sell decent quality products, although most are low-grade to meet the low price demand of their customers. Installation however, is where there is much concern to be had. We find that the pay rates offered to installers by established companies similar to ourselves, is significantly higher than the rates offered by home stores. What can that result in and why should it concern you? A revolving door of unreliable subcontractors that do work of questionable quality. Excellent craftsman require excellent pay as a general rule.
  • Discount retailers: Discount retailers (think of “Window” and add your choice of world, depot, rama, king, etc) market great products for super low prices. They claim that this is possible because of their high-volume business model. Can a high volume, national chain buy windows for less than an established local company? Sure, but not that much lower. The wholesale cost of a good window product is more than some of these companies are selling INSTALLED product, so again, it is wise to consider the quality of product, and quality of a cut-rate installation. Some of these companies even get pretty good reviews, but keep in mind that these are normally given right after the installation when everything looks shiny and new. Issues associated with poor quality product and installation will often not show up for a few years down the road.
  • “Chuck-in-a-truck” Contractors: This is perhaps the most volatile option of all. On one hand, you may find an excellent craftsman that simply likes to work for himself, and will do a great job. Even in this best case scenario, unfortunately carpenters are not widely known for their financial acumen. Warranty issues come up on even good installations, and odds are that Chuck, with no physical location for you to visit, will be out of business a few years down the road. According to, nearly 70% of contractors fail in the first 5 years of business!  Contracting is the WORST performing sector in existence! Worst case scenario in dealing with Chuck, is that he takes a hefty down payment on your project and you never see him again.

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