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Vinyl siding has long been a popular choice for Milwaukee homeowners. This exterior made its debut in the late 1950s and has only gained in popularity since then and, now, is the material choice for over 30% of all American homes. Though, its beginnings were tainted by a bad reputation for being “fake,” it quickly gained and maintained traction for being superior to other options which will eventually crack or sag over time.

HomeSealed Exteriors proudly offers the industry’s best options to fit your needs, preferences, and budget. We’ve created this Top 7 list of reasons you want to choose vinyl siding with us when the time comes!
  1. ENERGY STAR rated These days, no one can afford to spend their hard-earned money on products for their homes that don’t pass energy efficient standards. Why? In the long run, options for materials that are not energy efficient will add up, monetarily.
  2. Durability Vinyl is used for all kinds of home renovation products (ask us about our windows!) mainly for its durability. In the extreme cold of the Midwest here in Milwaukee, we definitely need siding that can withstand the elements. Also, vinyl resists termites and will not rot like other siding options.
  3. Low Maintenance Imagine: you NEVER have to paint again. Vinyl is resistant to cracks, chipping, changing shape, and warping. In other words, it’ll look as good as new all the time. Sure, every now and again (yearly, to be exact), you will want to pressure wash the outside of your home—but that’s it!
  4. Overall costs are less We probably should have listed this at the top, right? Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but overall, vinyl siding runs less that wood replacement siding by quite a bit.
  5. Very versatile In years past, the vinyl options were pretty small, with regard to color. We’ve come a long way as an industry and, now, this siding comes in hundreds of colors, textures, and profiles. For example, do you prefer the look of cedar but not the cost? Ask us to show you our vinyl options that could fool even a trained eye into believing its real wood!
  6. Prevents heat loss Insulated vinyl siding prevents heat loss between the wall studs in exterior walls. Yes, most homes have insulation between studs, but unfortunately, where they come into contact with the exterior siding, the studs themselves can bleed heat. Ask us about our insulated vinyl siding and the blanket of protection that keeps your home warm in the Milwaukee winters and cool in the summer!
  7. Tax credit! What better reward for choosing an Earth-friendly siding option? Thermal performance matters that much!
Do you have more questions about vinyl siding and the benefits it will provide your home? We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and show you examples of our work here at our showroom. At HomeSealed Exteriors, our Milwaukee vinyl siding will exceed your expectations. We can’t wait to work with you!

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I want my living room to be inviting. I want to make memories in it with my family and feel proud to host at-home events and parties in it. Mostly, I want my living room to be an extension of the entire house which represents my family and is set-apart for togetherness and warmth.

Sound familiar?

We get it—the living room is the central gathering place for movie night, game night, holiday mornings, and the kids’ slumber parties. It’s special. Why shouldn’t its backdrop be big, beautiful, and functional windows?

At HomeSealed Exteriors, we know all about function and beauty. Installing new or replacement windows in Milwaukee, WI is the “meat and potatoes” of what we do here, every day. Check out a few of our living room window style options!

The Casement Window

Casement windows swing open to the outdoors on side hinges. These are very popular in shared spaces (like the living room) due to their easy operability. They lock tightly and require very little effort to crank open. Some styles come with a push-open option which is also very easy to operate. Typically, a screen is added for safety and to keep pests and debris out, though screens are not a requirement. Note: casement windows look great beside large picture windows!    

The Awning Window For homes with high-rise ceilings, these windows add “wow” to those up high places. These are a vertically opened version of a casement window, also (usually) operated by cranks.    

Bay & Bow Windows

Now, these are often included in kitchens and bedrooms to add a little “nook” for collectibles or to extend the square footage in a room some for a small kitchen table. These two styles are not the same, though; so let’s differentiate! Bay and bow windows are similar in that they protrude outward from the exterior of the structure. Though, bay windows—the style often used in kitchens—create additional floor space (the walls follow the shape created by the window angles) while bow windows protrude from a flat wall, for that coveted “nook,” where you can keep plants, picture frames, and collectibles. More and more, our team here at HomeSealed is finding Milwaukee homeowners opting to add one of these beautiful options in the living room. And, why not? Added either of these options is a beautiful and functional addition to any space!

The Picture Window

We recommend this window style often for living rooms with large exterior walls. The bigger the better—and more breathtaking. They are just as they sound: picture-like. No moving panes or parts. These are perfect to pair with other window styles for added character. Note: you will want to pair with other window styles to create air movement in the space.

What windows do YOU want in your living room? Visit our showroom anytime to see examples of the styles listed here. Remember, these are only a few of the many options we have that would look beautiful in your Milwaukee home.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

HomeSealed Exteriors, LLC | 2210 S 108th St Milwaukee, WI 53227 | Phone: 414-545-0405

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Cleaning your gutters can be a very dirty, risky job. In fact, ladder injuries account for tens of thousands of injuries each month, unnecessarily. The professionals at HomeSealed are determined to keep the homeowners in the Milwaukee, WI, area as safe as possible, which is why we offer Hood Gutter Guards by Crownline; the best choice for gutter protection you can find!

It’s okay to be sick of climbing a ladder to scoop leaves and gunk out of the gutters. Our Milwaukee gutter guards will act as a filter and block debris (leaves, seed pods, flower petals and buds) and buildup, while still allowing the gutters to do their job: draw rainwater away from the roof.

Why use gutter guards? Rain gutters are an investment to protect your most valued possession: your home and the family which lives in it. As mentioned, cleaning out gutters is usually a dirty job and always dangerous. And, it is time-consuming! HomeSealed can simplify your life with an effective gutter guard system (that is also beautiful!). Gutter guards benefit you and your home from rain damage by:
  • Protecting your foundation
  • Keeping your gutters free of clogs (which can cause overflow rainwater and pooling around your home)
  • Protecting your landscaping
  • Combating pest infestation
  • Protecting your home against mold and mildew
Why use HomeSealed Exteriors? We could give you a hundred reasons we believe our company is the best for your Milwaukee, WI gutter guard installations. Firstly, our trained professionals will assess your needs before ever discussing recommendations. Not all gutters are the same size and, unfortunately, many are installed incorrectly. Here are a few more reasons HomeSealed is the right choice for you:
  • Our gutter guards are made to fit your current system. Note: no need to replace the entire system!
  • Other systems require the gutter to be slid under roofing shingles; ours do not require this! Our gutter guards are installed under the drip edge. Note: other systems with the requirement to slide under the shingle can cause damage and water leakage!
  • The mounting system is installed every 24” for a secure hold. Note: guaranteed never to pull away from your home!
  • A variety of colors is offered so your gutter guards can blend in or stand out as much as you desire!
  • If gutter replacement is needed—we’ll take care of this for you with a stout, one-piece unit which anchors the gutters to the gutter cover system!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturer defects, cleaning, and workmanship!
Are you ready to never clean your gutters again? At HomeSealed Exteriors we want our clients SAFE all year long and freed up to enjoy their homes with less maintenance. We know how important it is to you to ensure you get the longest life out of your Milwaukee home and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs. Give our team a call and let’s set up a consultation to see how we can improve the gutter system you currently have in place.

HomeSealed Exteriors, LLC | 2210 S 108th St Milwaukee, WI 53227 | Phone: 414-545-0405

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A whole-house window replacement project is a huge undertaking. There is significant cost, research, time, and energy to be spent to get the job done right. Walking into a showroom and choosing windows from the right company with the perfect contractors for the job will be confusing without a little homework done ahead of time.

The team at HomeSealed Exteriors wants to make your entire replacement window project—however large or small—as smooth as possible so you can enjoy your home and your views right away, and for years to come.

Here are some things that should help you make a more informed decision:

Window terminology: Listening to window professionals discussing details of a project can sound like Greek! Familiarize yourself with the below to help you speak the same language throughout the process (as a bonus, you’ll impress your contractor!):
  • Window styles: single- and double-hung, awning, casement, picture, sliding, bow, etc.
  • Other window-related terms: thermal break, sash, muntin, jam, blind stop, apron, etc.
Important considerations to ensure valuable windows are chosen: Don’t get tunnel-vision! Compare, contrast, and weigh pros/cons on different window brands and styles. Look for:
  • Beauty and style: this is the most significant aesthetic improvement you can make to your home. The look and overall beauty of the windows you choose are very important.
  • Durability: the elements will take a toll on any window, so you want to be sure you choose a window known for its strength. This is the North, after all; ask your HomeSealed professional about the specifics of windows in which you’re interested. Examples: How does this window measure up against heavy snow vs. that window? Which windows are best for the Northern climate and weather?
  • Safety: families with small children will want to consider the safety and operation of certain windows. Things to consider: small children and lock placement on windows, which ways (up, down, side to side) the windows open, level of strength needed to operate, etc.
  • Specific factors to your home: as mentioned, weather is important to consider. Think about our climate: snowy, extreme cold at times, humid summers. Be sure these factors weigh-in.
  • Tax incentives: some windows will actually earn you a federal tax credit (up to $500!). Be sure to look into this!
  • The window’s label: The most critical ratings on a window’s label are the U-factor (rate of heat loss) and the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient). Also important: VT (Visual Transmission) and CR (Condensation Resistance)—for humidity.
At HomeSealed Exteriors, our Milwaukee replacement windows exceed ENERGY STAR requirements (tax credit!) and have the best structural and thermal performance in the industry. So, when do you want to begin your window replacement project? No job size is too big or too small for our team. We would love to show you around our showroom and answer any preliminary questions you may have. Give our team call and let’s get started!

HomeSealed Exteriors, LLC 2210 S 108th Street Milwaukee, WI 53227 414-545-0405

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Entry doors are like significant others: they need to make a good impression, they need to be built to last, and they need to be of the utmost quality. Our team in Milwaukee, WI, at HomeSealed Exteriors knows this very well and has helped countless customers obtain the precise door-to-house-relationship they always dreamed of. Entry doors are our business!

In general, most homeowners pay little attention to their entryway until their door needs to be replaced or repaired. Unfortunately, this means many homeowners are in need of a new entry door quickly (after damage from a storm, intruder, or some type of accident has presented the need to door shop). Other homeowners begin their search for a new and improved entry door to prepare their home to sell, to increase the overall value of the home, or because they’ve contracted the “renovation bug.” Whatever your reason—we’re here to help!

Here’s a breakdown of what to look for to ensure a high-quality replacement entry door for your Milwaukee home!

Your preferences: the good impression Be sure you get a door best suited for you. Remember what we said about entry doors and significant others? Know what you want!
  • Weatherproofing: Do you live at the bottom of a hill and, thus, are subject to rain and snow runoff? Or, are you at the end of a neighborhood block where the wind catches just right? A weather-durable door is important.
  • Soundproofing: Do you live in a noisy neighborhood—near a school, hospital, downtown area, etc.? Do you have musicians in your home who require higher soundproof doors and window (to be courteous of your neighbors)?
  • Home security: In some neighborhoods, a heavy-duty and higher-security door is needed. Also, consider the children living in your home—do you need any special security features to keep tiny hands from unlatching a lock? Be sure to mention these things if needed. We recommend thick gauge steel reinforcement on the back of the jamb (at the strike plate) for added security.
Lasts a lifetime Our exclusive lifetime warranties (which also extend to our workmanship) mean your door will be in your family for good. We confidently guarantee your approval. Ask us about our warranties!

Quality matters At HomeSealed, we insist on using only the highest-quality materials on the market for our clients. The three common materials for entry doors are:
  • Wood: beautiful and timeless, but on the pricier end of the spectrum
  • Fiberglass: more organic looking than steel, very reliable, and highly energy efficient
  • Steel: similar to fiberglass in reliability and performance, but has the least organic look  of these three options
Not sure you need to replace your door? Give us a call and we’ll help you determine if repairs or small upgrades (glass, hinges, jambs, etc.) may work. If a total replacement is needed, our professional and friendly crew will match you with just the right door-to-house-relationship to last a lifetime.  Whatever it is you are looking for, HomeSealed has it.

HomeSealed Exteriors, LLC 2210 S 108th Street Milwaukee, WI 53227 414-545-0405

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