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December 27, 2017
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Can You Add Value to Your Milwaukee Home With Replacement Windows?

Even if you just moved into your home last year, you may already be thinking about ways to increase home value. Most homeowners don’t move into a new house for life. If you plan to sell one day, even several years from now, whether or not you make a return on investment (ROI) depends largely on changes you made to the house. If at the end of your stay, all the appliances and features are exactly what they were when you moved in, chances are you’ll probably lose some money. On the other hand, every update you make to your […]
December 19, 2017
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3 House Window Styles that Stood Out in 2017

Energy efficient windows never go out of style, but one thing that tends to change with the times is, well…style. Aesthetics, that is. From year to year, consumers change their preferences and styles and homes are remodeled to reflect that change. Of course, style largely varies from homeowner to homeowner, but there are always certain trends that become popular or less popular over the course of the year–often for good reason. Here are 3 of the top window styles that really thrived in 2017. Bay or Bow Windows These concave windows never seem to truly go out of style. They […]
December 5, 2017

The Style and Efficiency of Fiberglass Entry Windows

The entrance to your house sets the tone for the rest of the house. It gives the first impression that your guests will see, and that impression will stay with them no matter how much else of the house they see. That’s why so many homeowners opt for elegant door and entry window designs. An entry window is essential to making a good impression with your home entrance. It gives the outside world a teaser of what waits inside and fills the foyer with light. Even if the window panes are too glossy or stained to be seen through, the […]
November 29, 2017
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Choosing Energy Efficient Windows: 5 Things to Consider

If you’re ready to toss out your old windows, it may be time, too, to consider the features you want in your next windows. Besides style and size, you should also consider energy efficiency. There are several methods commonly in use today to make windows more energy efficient…or less energy efficient if you choose the wrong windows. The right energy efficient window can lower your HVAC costs and make your home more comfortable. Do you know what to look for? If not, don’t worry. We have you covered. Here are five things to consider while you’re in the market for […]
November 21, 2017

Bay Windows vs Garden Windows: What’s Right for Your Home?

Let’s say you have a small space in your room that needs more light and could probably stand to feel larger. There are a few windows you could have installed in this room that could help widen the perception of the space and flood it with natural light. Two of the most popular types are garden and bay windows. Garden windows and bay windows are very similar in that they’re both concave windows with three sides. However, there are different purposes and advantages to each window. Let’s discuss the difference between bay windows and garden windows and which might be […]
November 12, 2017

Home Window Trends of 2017

Now that we’re towards the end of 2017, we can look back at the trends this year with a fuller picture of what worked and what didn’t. In particular, we can look back at the window trends of 2017. While windows themselves never go out of style or function, there have been many styles that have come and gone and many that had their spotlight to shine in 2017. Here are some of our favorite trends that we’ve seen this year. Bay or Bow Windows Bay and bow windows are the picture of elegance. They’re similar in that they’re both […]
November 3, 2017

How the Right Windows Can Help Your Home Design

Windows make all the difference in the room. They determine how much light is let in, what view of the outdoors can be seen from inside, and even the energy efficiency of your home. But before you notice any of those impacts, you’ll notice the aesthetic of the window and how it plays into the rest of the room’s design. In interior design, everything doesn’t need to match, but it should all come together: the furniture, the color, the walls, and yes, the windows. There are as many window styles as design options, and they have a different impact on […]
September 1, 2017

Make Your Windows Sparkle and Shine Again With These Cleaning Tips

Your replacement windows in Milwaukee are an asset to your home, but now, after a season of use and several rain and wind storms, their once stunning sparkle and appearance is gone. Luckily, restoring your windows’ once like-new appearance is easy as long as you know what to do and what to avoid when you clean them. What to Do As you clean your new windows, here are a few things you should plan on doing: • While you clean the glass of your windows, clean their frames simultaneously. • When cleaning the interior of your replacement windows in Milwaukee, […]
September 16, 2016

Why Choose HomeSealed Exteriors’ Marvin Window Brand

When you are window-shopping, all the options you face can get downright stressful. Here at HomeSealed Exteriors, we understand your burden! So, let us lighten your load a little. Take a look at our high quality Marvin Windows. We are confident that after reviewing the benefits of the Marvin brand, that you, too, will agree that it’s the right choice for your Milwaukee WI replacement window option. Who are the people behind the Marvin Brand? The folks that stand behind the Marvin brand are committed to enriching the places where we work and live. From the very beginning, Marvin has been built on […]
September 12, 2016

HomeSealed Exterior Window Brands

When you start to look into replacement windows, it is easy to get confused very quickly. There are so many different brands on the market, what do you choose? What is best for your house and which window will fit into your budget? When you work with HomeSealed Exteriors, you get nothing but the best replacement windows in Milwaukee. There are still different brands and plenty of options, but no matter what you choose, you are getting premium replacement windows. Here are three of the main brands HomeSealed Exterior works with including a few advantages of each so you can […]