Choose an Award Winning Remodeling Contractor For Your Milwaukee Home

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Choose an Award Winning Remodeling Contractor For Your Milwaukee Home

It can be hard to trust a remodeling contractor with your home. Your home is precious to you, and so many homeowners have horror stories of bad remodeling jobs that cost them more than they were worth. Of course, there are good remodeling contractors out there, but with every company claiming to be the best, how do you know where to turn?

Experience is a good sign. A track record of recognized excellence is ideal. It’s one thing for a remodeling contractor in Milwaukee to themselves claim that they do great work. It’s quite another for a third party to recognize the great work they do. Look at reviews and business ratings to get the full picture. However, nothing boosts your confidence in a remodeling contractor like seeing the list of awards they’ve won.

At Homesealed Exteriors, we’ve been recognized with several awards and certifications for our home exteriors remodeling. We’re particularly proud to have been listed in the Remodeling Big 50 Class of 2016.

What is Remodeling Big 50?

Remodeling is an online magazine run by Hanley Wood. It provides information on the business of home remodeling, as well as features on up-and-coming products and remodeling contractors themselves. Every year since 1986, they’ve compiled a list of 50 remodeling contractors who are at the top of their field. This isn’t limited to Milwaukee or even the Midwest. These are contractors across the country whose reputations are so exemplary they make the cut as the top 50.

In 2016, there were nearly 250 entries. According to Remodeling, “Our winners embody some of the most innovative strategies to survive—and flourish—in a changing market.” Among that list was Homesealed Exteriors’ own president, Brandon Erdmann.

Why Homesealed?

You may ask, “What sets Homesealed apart? What makes you among the top 50 remodeling contractors in your field?” We work with excellent manufacturers to provide top notch siding, windows, doors, and so on, but we think the answer lies in the way we do business. We’re a tight-knit family oriented team. We understand the importance of open communication and focusing on solutions rather than placing the blame when a problem arises.

We work with our clients in the same way. From the beginning, we’ll set clear expectations and we’re always available for any questions you might have. It’s your home, and we know how much you’ve invested in its improvement. We make it clear that we care just as much by communicating transparently and providing excellent customer service.

Other Awards

We’re proud to have been recognized by Remodeling in their Big 50 Class of 2016 list, but it’s not the first nor last time that remodeling experts have recognized Homesealed Exteriors as a stand-out remodeling contractor.

We’ve been the recipient of Angie’s List’s Super Service Award 6 times, from 2011-2016. A similar service, Houzz, awarded us with their “Best Of” award in 2015. Our replacement windows earned us the “Best Of 2015” award from WindowDog, and we were recognized as a “Screened and Approved” contractor by HomeAdvisor. And that’s just a few of the awards we’ve earned and associations we’re part of.

Now, we don’t say all of this just to toot our own horn. We say this because we know how important your home is to you and the level of quality you want in your exterior remodeling projects. You need a remodeling contractor you can trust, someone who has seen it all and has a history of quality work. We believe that’s Homesealed Exteriors in Milwaukee, and we have a reputation to back that claim.

If you still have questions, contact us for a free quote. After all, this isn’t just any home. This isyourhome. Let us tell you what we can do for you specifically.

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