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Our Replacement Windows Are 2000% More Airtight…

And Here’s Why That Matters.

The MOST Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows, Doors, Roofing & Siding Installation In The Milwaukee Area!

We sell super-efficient Okna windows—they’re 2,000% more air tight than our competitors.

To understand why that matters, it can be helpful to compare it to a car and miles per gallon. You can have a hybrid-electric car that gets 50 miles per gallon. Or you can have a huge, old gas guzzler getting 10 miles per gallon.

And then there are a bunch of ‘average’ gas mileage cars that can get anywhere from 15 to 35 miles per gallon. Over time, your savings or your losses in fuel costs add up significantly, all based on your miles per gallon.

With our Okna windows and their super-precise, air-tight construction you’re getting “50 miles per gallon” windows. Replacing your old ‘gas guzzler’ drafty windows with these could save you thousands a year in energy costs.

Want The Facts Behind The Statement ‘2,000% More Airtight?’ Click Here To Learn About The Science Behind Air Leakage Ratings And Independent Lab Testing Of Our Windows.

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Not Just Energy-Efficient - These Windows Are Beautiful, Too.

If when you think of vinyl replacement windows, you think of those cheap-looking ones that peel and flake, that’s definitely not HomeSealed windows. (Inferior replacement windows are usually the ones that someone is advertising for $200 to $500 installed). You can get super energy-efficient windows from us that are also truly beautiful, and you can get it for a fair price.

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The Best Window Replacement Experience In The Milwaukee Area…
Both BEFORE And AFTER The Sale

What does everyone hate about window replacement and other home improvement projects?

Getting hammered by a salesperson. The pressure, the gimmick-y sales tactics, and the inflated claims.

When HomeSealed started, we decided that if everyone hates it, why should we do it? So we didn’t.

And WOW, do homeowners love it.

“Really liked the easy non pushy sales pitch from HomeSealed” … “The price was fair, and there was no BS sales talk.” … “Their knowledge blew my mind and I appreciated their honesty in helping us decide which windows fit our needs and our budget.” - EXCERPTS FROM 3 RECENT GOOGLE REVIEWS.

(By the way, we have consistently awesome online reviews from multiple independent websites, click here to see more).

So Milwaukee homeowners vouch that we play fair BEFORE the sale… but what about AFTER we’re done?

That’s when we let our warranties do the talking for us: our WRITTEN, IRON-CLAD warranties. Okna windows come with a lifetime warranty, and then HomeSealed matches it with a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. We top it off with an amazing Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty. If your glass breaks, we replace it free for a lifetime. So with us, you get an exclusive, triple-play lifetime warranty: manufacturer, workmanship, and glass breakage. See our warranties page for details.

Want to know more about who we are and why we’re called ‘HomeSealed’? Visit our Why Choose Us page.

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